How to Play MOV Videos with VLC Media Player

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The VLC media player is quite a popular open-source freeware that VideoLAN has created. It supports a variety of multimedia file formats, and unlike the rest of the media players, it has a built-in conversion tool. If you want VLC play MOV file, then you will need a VLC MOV player. Although VLC plays the MOV files without any issues, there could still be video audio codecs issues in the MOV files, and you may have problems like no audio, video, or black screen. If you want to play MOV with VLC, there are numerous ways that you can open a file with VLC. So, you don't have to worry, as a video format converter like the AceThinker Video Converter can tackle these problems.
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Why Won't VLC Play Your MOV Videos?

The VLC media player MOV typically plays the files without any issues, and there are hardly any files unplayable at VLC, but if you are not able to play the files, then there could be a few reasons for that. Although the VLC media player comes with a preinstalled codec pack, there are times when the MOV file causes glitches with the VLC MOV files when you are playing it. The following are some of the known causes why VLC won’t play the MOV videos.

  • Errors in Streaming
    If you are streaming a MOV file in QuickTime, and when you pause the video after playing a portion of it and use the URL to open it by using the VLC media player, there is a possibility that you may have errors. While performing such an action, if you want the VLC play MOV, the errors can cause the file not to play in VLC.
  • Codec Issues
    In order to play the MOV file, your VLC media player should be equipped with everything that you want. The MOV file is compatible with the majority of the media players, which also includes the VLC media player. However, if you have tried to play the MOV files through another player and you are still not able to play the video, then there is quite a possibility that the relevant codecs are missing.
  • Corrupt Files
    The MOV file may be corrupted or damaged if you are playing VLC media player MOV. It usually happens when you copy the MOV file in an incorrect manner or if the MOV file has been downloaded and you were not able to completely finish the downloading process. Therefore, it may have encountered errors, as you might have a broken file or it is already incomplete.

Convert MOV to VLC Compatible Videos for Smooth Playback

The AceThinker Video Master is among the most popular multimedia platforms for Windows and Mac users. It is a comprehensive program that can work as a video converter and video downloader, and you can also edit files with it. It’s quick, dependable, and lightweight and comes with a number of features and tools. It is also helpful in downloading your favorite videos so that you are able to record them on the PC with just one click. If you want to operate the VLC media player MOV, you can choose AceThinker Video Master to convert the file. The best thing is that it is user-friendly to operate and can help you with a MOV file that is unplayable at VLC. This way, you will be able to have the MOV repairs and a smooth playback without compromising on the original quality of the video. Below are the step-by-step instructions. You can convert your MOV files for playing on VLC Media Player.

Step 1Install the AceThinker Video Converter

Begin by launching the installation file and then following all the instructions. Here, you can click on the Media icon and choose 'Convert.'

install the acethinker video converter

Step 2Add the MOV Files

In this step, you need to click on the document icon and browse the MOV file available on your local hard disk. Here, you will choose your desired files and add them to the program. You also have the drag-and-drop option available.

add the mov files

Step 3Select Your Target Format

In the setting icon, you can open the drop-down format list and then choose your target format and the video resolution you would like to have. Before you play MOV with VLC, you have to select a compatible format like MP4.

select your target format

Step 4Convert the MOV Files to Play with VLC

Click on ‘Save’ at the bottom of the program window and give the output folder where you want to place the converted file. Finally, you can hit the convert button so that your MOV file is transferred into the desired format. Now you can have the VLC play MOV and have a smooth playback.

convert the mov files to play with vlc

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