The Ultimate Guide to Fix Audio Delay VLC Sync Issue on Windows/Mac

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Sometimes, while streaming videos or movies on VLC, you hear the audio before the actual time. There are also some moments that you hear verbally uttered words only after the lips of the actor moves. If there’s an audio delay or lag on VLC, you can fix it with various methods. Using the five methods we curated and tried, you can quickly solve the problem on Windows or Mac computers.
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Imagine spending many moments saving a video or movie from various streaming sites and can’t wait to stream it offline. Then, you’ve discovered that video and audio are not synchronized when you play the video on media players like VLC. The frustration is overwhelming when you watch a movie, but the audio gets ahead or is delayed. Luckily, you don’t have to tear your hair out! Check out the solutions below about VLC fix audio sync issues and enjoy your videos and movies as they should. Dive in to know more!

Effective Ways to Fix Audio Delay VLC Error on Windows/Mac

1Relaunch VLC Media Player

Like any other app, glitches and bugs can’t be avoided in using VLC. The unsynchronized audio and video issue you’ve been experiencing can be solved by relaunching the app. This is the first thing you should be before doing other troubleshooting methods. Exit and completely shut down the VLC Media Player on your Windows or Mac computer. Closing the VLC app refreshes its settings and eliminates errors like delays, lag, and connection problems. Wait for a few minutes before relaunching the app. Then, relaunch VLC and try playing a movie or video. See if the audio delay issue is resolved. If the same problem still exists, proceed to the following troubleshooting methods.

vlc main interface

2Use a Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Another method you can try is by using a keyboard shortcut key. You can move the audio up and down with an increment of 50ms. This process will help you manually sync the audio to your video or movie. Since this method is done manually, you need patience in adjusting the increment level of the sound and the visual picture. Remember that using a shortcut key will only temporarily fix the issue. Hence, it is still worth a try to solve the issue of the current video playback on VLC Media Player. Follow the guide below on how VLC fix audio delay process works using keyboard shortcut keys.

User guide:

  • For Windows users, if the audio plays ”before” the visual, slow down the audio by pressing the “K” key on your keyboard. Meanwhile, if the audio plays “after” the visual, you need to press the “J” key on your keyboard to fasten its speed.
  • For Mac users, hit the “G” key to slow the audio and press the “F” key on your Mac keyboard to increase the audio speed. Do the process carefully because excessive pressing may cause another unsynchronized audio and video visuals.
  • Then, listen to the audio and make sure that it corresponds with the video. VLC will show the “increase” or “decrease” in audio delay by “50 milliseconds” every time you press the respective keys.

windows and mac keyboards

3Edit Audio Desynchronization Compensation

If you want to synchronize audio and video permanently, you can use the “Audio desynchronization compensation” feature of VLC. This is the recommended solution if you are looking for a permanent way to remove audio delays on VLC’s video playback. With a few settings configurations, you can save and apply all the settings to all the videos played on the media player. Unlike using a keyboard shortcut, there’s no need for you to adjust the settings every time you watch a video manually. See the steps below to fix audio delay VLC.

User guide:

  • Launch VLC on your Windows or Mac computer. After that, go to the tool’s menu bar and hit “Tools,” click “Preferences” from the options and move to the “Audio” tab. Next, hit the “All” option beneath the “Show settings” on the bottom-left part of the window.
  • This will launch the “General audio settings” on the right side of the window. Set the “Audio desynchronization compensation.” Put the value to “positive” if the audio lags behind the video.
  • On the other hand, set the value to “negative” if the audio is ahead of the video. For example, if the audio is 2 seconds delayed, set the settings to “+2000ms.” If the audio is 2 seconds ahead, set the value to “-2000ms.” Once done, hit the “Save” button and check if the problem is solved.

click all and audio, adjust audio desynchronization compensation, hit save

4Edit Audio Track Synchronization

The “Audio Track Synchronization” feature of VLC can be helpful in fixing audio delay problems. However, this method will only work for the video or movie playing in VLC Media Player. When you play a new video, you must manually set the settings again, even if it’s a repeat playback of the same video. The process works like the keyboard shortcut keys but is more advanced, with a high chance of positive results. Find the VLC adjust audio sync process below to end your agony.

User guide:

  • First, open the VLC Media Player on your computer. The process works on both Windows and Mac computers. Move your way to the upper menu bar and hit the “Tools” option.
  • Pick “Effects and Filters” from the options to access other settings. Hit the “Synchronization” tab and move to the “Audio/Video” section. Here, you can find the “Audio track synchronization.”
  • Enter a value depending on your requirements. A “positive” value may delay the audio, while a “negative” value will fasten the audio in the video. Afterward, hit the “Close” button and try playing a video. Check if the issues are fixed.

hit tools, effects and filters, click synchronization, enter value and hit close

5Adjust Audio Delay on Android

If you need help fixing the problem on Windows or Mac computers, you can use your Android phone. VLC Media Player is cross-platform, making it accessible on other devices, such as Android or iOS smartphones, laptops, tablets, Chromebooks, and Linux computers. In an Android phone, you can determine the amount of delay in the audio in milliseconds. If there’s a 1000ms audio deleted, it will play the audio one second after the video. Then, if the audio is deferred by -1000ms, it will push ahead by one second. Read the walkthrough below to learn more about how VLC fix audio delay solution works.

User guide:

  • Start the VLC app on your Android phone and play the video. Hit the second button from the tool’s interface controls and pick “Audio Delay.”
  • Press the “+” icon to increase the audio speed of your video. Also, hit the “-” icon if you want to decrease the audio speed of the video. Both buttons will delay or hasten audio by 50 milliseconds.
  • Continue pressing the icons until the audio gets synchronized with the video. The process is temporary and will be removed when you close the app.

hit second icon on vlc

FAQs About VLC Audio Delay Issue

1. Why can’t I hear my video's audio in VLC?
You might not hear any audio if there's a problem with the device you chose in VLC Player's sound options. Fortunately, you can solve this by starting the VLC app, then going to the “Tools” option on the upper menu. Select “Audio” under the “Preferences” tab from the options. Change the “Output” module to “Automatic” by clicking the dropdown menu.
2. Are there other reasons why my video audio is delayed on VLC?
There are other factors why your video’s audio is delayed when playing on VLC. Wi-Fi connection problems frequently cause audio delay issues if you use VLC with an internet connection. In some circumstances, audio-sync issues could be caused by the video you are watching and your device. Before downloading the video, ensure the video and audio are correctly synced.


It is frustrating when your preferred VLC Player suddenly begins playing videos out of sync. The good thing is that VLC has a number of functions that you can utilize to address the audio/video syncing issue. However, there is a potential that videos will become corrupt if you are unable to use the settings of VLC properly. Use the methods listed above to ensure that you will have the most effective way to fix audio delay VLC. After that, you can share what solution has helped you the most in the comment box below!

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