The Ultimate Guide to Convert Video to ProRes in High-Quality

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If you are an aspiring video editor and videographer, ProRes is recommended! It is a lossy video compression and high-quality codec developed by Apple Inc. ProRes is the successor of the Apple Intermediate Codec that was introduced in 2007. Also, it is encoded frame-by-frame and is much easier to encode and decode compared to interframe codecs. With that, ProRes video codec takes less power to process than other video codecs and formats. That’s why many video editors prefer converting and exporting their videos to ProRes before uploading them to editing software, like Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro, and others. Furthermore, our primary goal is to help you convert your videos to ProRes using the best ProRes converter of all time! Find it below and learn more about ProRes!

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Precise Details About ProRes Codec

ProRes is a robust video compression codec that can process video of any length and make it appropriate for video editing. It utilizes the full performance of your Mac’s processor to render your videos the fastest way possible. Even if it increases the size of the video, it makes it significantly easier for the GPU to process and play the frames on your monitor during playback. Also, ProRes is a 10-bit codec, and you can acquire more room to work with color grading than H.264 and H.265 video codecs. In addition, ProRes supports various frame sizes, including SD, HD, 2K, and up to 8K, perfect for post-production. Now that you’ve clearly understood the features of ProRes, proceed to the next part to convert video to ProRes using and advanced software. Meanwhile, if you want a free video converter, you can visit this page.

prores converter

The Best Way to Convert to Apple ProRes

Distinctive Feature: You can create a collage of video using its “Collage” feature. It has a prebuilt template to make it easier for you to collage different videos.
Pricing Plan: $55.95/lifetime license for two computers

If you are a new user in the video editing industry, you might find yourself looking for some tool to convert your video to ProRes. With that, we recommend using Video Master Premium. It is an all-around video editing software that offers impressive features! You can use its “Converter” feature to convert MP4 to ProRes or other video formats on your Mac computer. Before exporting your video to ProRes, you can enhance it by cutting unwanted parts, cropping the area, adding effects and filters, and more. Besides that, you can use the software to crop video Windows 10 and on Mac OS. Another unique feature of the tool is it lets you convert to ProRes in customizable quality from 480P to 4K or the same quality as the original.

Free Download
For Win 7 or later (64-bit)
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For macOS 10.12 or later
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Step 1Install the ProRes Converter

First, find the Mac “download” button overhead the step and click on it to launch the Video Master Premium installer. Make sure you follow the guide on the setup window to install the Video Master Premium successfully. After that, the converter will automatically appear on your Mac computer screen.

vmp main interface

Step 2Import the Video to The Tool

Next, familiarize the software’s features and menu to convert videos to ProRes. Once done, hit the “Converter” tab on the upper part of the tool. Then hit the “Add Files” button on the upper-left to select the video from your “File Folder” and add it to the tool. You can also drop the video directly to the tool’s interface according to your liking.

click converter tab, hit add files

Step 3Start to Convert Files

Once you upload a video, move to the right side of the software and hit the “drop-down” icon beside the file details. This will launch all the available formats you can use in converting a video to other formats. Since we will convert a video to ProRes, select the “ProRes” button and choose the video quality. We suggest using 4K for a better result. Afterward, hit the “Convert All” button to begin the process.

 click drop-down icon, select prores and 4k, hit convert all

Step 4Check the Converted Video

Finally, move to the "Converted" panel of the tool to check the video. The file has a ".mov" file name extension, which is the default format for ProRes on macOS. Then, the "Play" icon on the video's thumbnail to view it with your Mac media player or a third-party media player that is accessible on macOS, like VLC. If you like to convert other video files, like AVI to ProPres, return to the "Converter" tab of the tool.

hit converted tab, click play icon, play video

FAQs About Converting to ProRes

1. Why should I convert h264 to Prores?
ProRes is best used for professional post-production with large file sizes but high quality. The H.264 codec compresses the file and might compromise the video quality. So, if you wish to edit your videos, you must convert your H.264 files to ProRes. That way, the quality of the video will be fine even if you edit it repeatedly.
2. Can I upload ProRes to YouTube?
Yes, you can upload ProRes to YouTube. Although uploading ProRes files takes longer to upload because of their file size, YouTube can resume the uploading process anytime. The ProRes 422 is the highest-quality file you can upload to YouTube for a better result. You can convert MP4, AVI, and WebM or convert MOV to ProRes and upload them on YouTube.

Glossary: Different Apple ProRes Formats

Apple ProRes supports six formats you can use depending on your video requirements. They vary based on image content, codec type, frame rate, and size. Check them out below, see their differences, and know what version fits your videos.

Apple ProRes 4444 XQ It is the highest-quality version for 4:4:4:4 image sources. This ProRes format has an impressively high data rate to keep the detail in high-dynamic-range imagery. Its target data rate is approximately 500mbps for 4:4:4: sources at 29.97fps and 1920x1080.
Apple ProRes 4444 It is another high-quality version for 4:4:4:4 image sources. Apple ProRes 4444 features mastering-quality 4:4:4:4 RGBA color, full resolution, and visual fidelity. Also, it has a target data rate of about 330mbps for 4:4:4 sources at 29.97fps and 1920x1080. If you like to convert MXF to ProRes, you can use this version.
Apple ProRes 422 HQ It is a higher-data-rate format that preserves visual quality at the same level as ProRes 4444 bur for 4:2:2 image sources. Then, it provides visually lossless preservation of HD video. Its target data rate is about 220mbps at 1920x1080 and 29.97fps.
Apple ProRes 422 It is a high-quality compressed version providing nearly all the advantages of Apple ProRes HQ but at 66% of the data rate. Apple ProRes 422 has a data rate of 147mbps at 29.97fps and 1920x1080.
Apple ProRes 422 LT This version is a more highly compressed codec compared to ProRes 422, with around 70% of the data rate and 30% smaller file sizes. Its target data rate is about 102mbps at 29.97fps and 1920x1080.
Apple ProRes 422 Proxy This ProRes version is a better and highly compressed codec than ProRes 422 LT. It is dedicated for use in offline work that requires a low data rate but with full video resolution. The target data rate of this version is around 45mbps at 1920x1080 and 29.97fps. Apple ProRes 422 Proxy is recommended if you convert MKV to ProRes.

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