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Are you confused about how to play MKV on PS4? If yes, there are workable ways to do it. PS4 supports the playback of music and videos using WiFi (DLNA) and USB. Of course, if you don’t know how this feature works, we’ve outlined the process you need to follow to meet the standards of PS4 before you can play PS4. Besides, we include the best way to convert your unsupported MKV files to make them playable with PS4 without error.
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The PlayStation 4, or PS4, is a home video game console developed and produced by Sony Interactive Entertainment as the successor to ther PS3. The game console was launched on November 15, 2023, competing with Microsoft's Xbox One, Nintendo’s Wii U, and Switch. With its unique features and 4K resolution, it has over 106 million units sold globally. One of its notable features is its capability to play videos, music, and movies. Its supported video formats include MKV, MP4, AVI, and others. Furthermore, get your USB filled with videos and play them on PS4. Read the guide below to learn all the details you have to follow.

Can PS4 Play MKV Files?

The process of playing MKV files depends on some conditions. PS4 only supports MKV, which runs on H.264 and MPEG-4 AVC codec. Generally, video and audio files can be played from USB storage devices and media servers, like the Media Player app, which is available on PS4. So, MKV files that complete the standards can be played on PS4. Also, according to the PlayStation support center, only the following MKV files below are the only files that can be played on PS4.

  • Audio: AAC LC, MP3, and AC-3 (Dolby Digital)
  • Visual: H.264, MPEG-4 AVC High Profile Level 4.2

Now that you’ve learned the standards you need to play MKV effortlessly on PS4, observe the guide below to stream MKV to PS4 with the help of DivX Media Server. The DivX Media Server allows you to serve and send video files on your computer to a device on your home network, like PS4.

User guide:

  • Install the DivX Media Server and launch DivX Player on your computer. Then, enable “Turn Sharing On” from its settings. Afterward, import the compatible MKV videos to the server.
  • Next, install the DivX Media Player on your PS4. Open the “PS4 Media Player” and select the “DivX MEdia Server” from the options of devices. Remember that your computer and PS4 must be connected to the same WiFi network.
  • Finally, move to the “Video” and pick the video you want to stream. Your chosen video will then start playing on your computer.

ps4 media player app

How to Convert MKV to PS4 Supported Video Formats

Salient Feature: The software supports converting from and to other devices, including Sony, Apple, Huawei, LG, Huawei, and more.
Limitations: The tool cannot work correctly on low-end computers.

If your MKV files are in other forms or running on other codecs, PS4 may fail to play and read them. What is worse, it might turn out no background audio even if the video is fine. This is understandable since categorizing MKV files takes work. Luckily, there are many video converters, like Video Master, that can help you convert your unsupported MKV files to PS4-friendly formats. Video Master is a powerful software that converts videos to other video or audio formats. That includes MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, MP3, AAC, FLAC, and more. Besides that, you can edit your videos by adding a watermark, creating a collage, overlaying another video, and more. Also, the tool allows you to save the video with H.264 codec at the highest 4K resolution. Find the detailed steps below to convert MKV to PS4 format.

Free Download
For Win 7 or later (64-bit)
Secure Download
Free Download
For macOS 10.12 or later
Secure Download

Step 1Launch the MKV to PS4 Converter

Check the "Download" buttons above and click the one corresponding to your computer's OS. To completely install the tool on your computer, follow the command on the wizard box. Once the installation is successful, the software will immediately display on your computer's screen.

vm interface

Step 2Import the Unsupported MKV File

Afterward, go to the “Converter” tab and use the "Add Files" option in the app's top-left corner to add the MKV video from a folder on your computer. On the other hand, drop the MKV video into the converter to import it directly. Wait for the software to read and recognize your file before navigating.

hit converter and click add files to import video

Step 3Select Format and Start Converting

Next, click the "dropdown" button next to the "Convert All to" button in the tool's upper right corner to see the format window. Then, pick the “Video” button and choose a PS4-compatible format, such as MP4, and the video quality. Once finished, click "Convert All" to start converting.

hit dropdown icon and video, select video format and quality, click convert all

Step 4Stream the PS4-Supported Video

To view the converted PS4-supported file, select the "Converted" tab on the top part of the tool. See that the video is now altered to MP4 format. Click the "Folder" button to open the video folder to check the converted video. Afterward, transfer the video to your flash drive and plug it into your PS4. You can now enjoy streaming the video on PS4 anytime.

 hit converted, check format, click folder and play video

Other Recommended Video Converters

1FlexClip Free Online Video Converter

Salient Feature: The tool allows you to change the video resolution from 360P to 1080P without a watermark on the output video.
Limitations: You can’t edit and add effects to your videos.

FlexClip Free Online Video Converter is a web-based tool to change unsupported MKV files to PS4-compatible format. It is accessible on most devices, including Windows or Mac computers, tablets, smartphones, and more. Even if it is an online converter, the tool offers an impressive set of features you can utilize without any cost. You can convert MKV for PS4 format, like MP4, with customizable quality of up to low, medium, and high. Furthermore, do not worry about your data security and privacy, as the server has no direct access to your uploaded videos. Proceed to the steps below to see how to use the tool.

User guide:

  • Click the tool link above to move to its official website automatically. When you are on the main landing page, hit the “Browse” button in the middle to add the video. You can also drop the MKV video depending on the process you want.
  • Then, let the online tool analyze the imported video until you can see the video thumbnail on the converter. Afterward, select the resolution, format, and quality of the video. Note that you must select a PS4-friendly format, such as MP4.
  • Finally, hit the “Start” button on the bottom to initiate the converting process. The converted video will then be transferred to your computer's “Downloads” folder. Open it, transfer the video to your flash drive, and play it on your PS4.

 flexclip free online video converter interface

2Freemake Video Converter

Salient Feature: You can instantly share your converted files to YouTube, Facebook, and Google Drive right after the process.
Limitations: Other editing tools are only available on its premium version.

Freemake Video Converter is an MKV to PS4 converter that works amazingly. You may easily convert any video or audio to stream them on your PS4 or other devices. Some of its supported output formats are formats like MP4, MKV, WMV, AVI, DVD, MP3, and FLAC. Also, you can convert existing MKV files with incompatible PS4 codecs to H.264, MPEG-4, AAC, and others. With Freemake Video Converter, you can cut video sections, merge or rotate clips, and add subtitles. Besides, you can encode clips to SWF, Flash FLV, or HTML5 media formats. To convert MKV to PS4-suitable format, adhere to the guide below.

User guide:

  • Hit the link above to access the tool's website and install it. Pass through the prompt to entirely saved the software on your computer and launch it. Next, drop the MKV video into the converter by dragging it in the middle.
  • Choose the PS4-compatible format from the tool's bottom section. We suggest picking MP4 as the format since it is compatible with PS4 and other devices or media players. Then, click it and then press "OK."
  • Lastly, click the "Convert" button to begin the process. Once finished, right-click the file and choose "Download" from the menu. Select a folder to store the video and hit “OK.” After that, move the converted video to your flash drive to play it on your PS4.

freemake video converter interface

FAQs About MKV on PS4

1. Can I play Closed Caption MKV on PS4?
Yes, you can play “Closed Caption MKV” on your PS4 as long as it meets the PS4 standards for videos. To do that, move to the “Settings” of your PS4 and select the “Accessibility” button. Then, pick the “Display Closed Captions” option to stream the MKV file on PS4. You can use a converter to add more tracks and subtitles to the output video file.
2. Why can’t I play videos from my flash drive to PS4?
If you want to play video from your USB drive, you must ensure that it is formatted with either the “exFAT” or “FAT32” file system. Your PS4 game console will not read the USB drive using the “NTFS” file system. To format your flash drive for PS4, you can use a computer (Windows or Mac) or your PS4. Make sure to back up your files first before formatting your flash drive.
3. Can I play videos with subtitles on PS4?
Yes, you can play videos with subtitles on your PS4. For this to work out, it is essential to know that the PS4 media player can only recognize subtitles in MKV files with some factors. First, the subtitle and the video files must be in the same directory. Then, SUB/ASS/SSA/MKS files do not function, whereas external SRT files do.


In playing MKV files on PS4, you must learn the details about its compatible codec as well as its standards. If your MKV files meet the requirements, you can directly stream them with the PS4's media player. Meanwhile, if your PS4 doesn’t read the MKV files, you must convert them to PS4-supported codec or change them to other formats that PS4 supports. The Video Master is more recommended to handle video conversion as it allows you to modify the video format, codec, and quality than other solutions.

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