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CloudConvert has been the go-to media file converter in the market, and it has become one of the most used online tools that offer many formats to convert your files. Since it is a web-based tool, you might find yourself wondering - is CloudConvert safe to use? To end your agony, we are here to give you all the details you need to check the safety of CloudConvert. Besides that, we will give you four tools you can use as an alternative to CloudConvert.
is cloudconvert safe
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Converting files makes the job easier for someone who doesn’t want to start all over again with their files. Whether you are converting audio to video, video to audio, or more, you can quickly do it with the help of video and audio converters like CloudConvert. It allows you to convert your files in the format you need. Moreover, you need to know more about the tool you are using to ensure the safety of your data and the process you will make. Move to the next part to become familiar with the tool and its alternative.

What to Look For in A Video Converter

If you are starting with video conversion, you are still beginning to know the information you need to pick the ideal tool. There are many free 4k video converter out there. So, we compiled a list of the features you should take into account to choose the best tool for your needs as a guide. Take a look at them below before proceeding to discover CloudConvert.

  • Fast Conversion Process. The free video converter needs to complete the video conversion procedure quickly. That way, you can convert many files as you want in a short period. Remember that the processing time can occasionally vary depending on your operating system.
  • No Malicious Ads. Many online tools have malicious ads while using the tool in real-time. This is one factor in having a virus on your computer. So if you prefer using a web-based converter, make sure that it doesn’t have ads that may interfere with the safety of your computer.
  • Supports Popular Formats. A top-notch free video converter can convert files in popular formats to others. Videos must be converted to FLV, MP4, AVI, MOV, TS, and other formats. This feature helps convert your files in the most convenient way possible.
  • Preserved Video Quality. The tool must work without affecting the quality of your video. It might be annoying if the video quality was affected after converting it. Also, it would help if the tool allowed you to select the video quality before the process.

Is CloudConvert Safe?

Many people are concerned about using CloudConvert because they know it is an online tool. You need to know a few things if you are one of them. The developers of CloudConvert have spent years developing the best, safest conversion app. They have put much thought into making the tool as secure as possible so every user can feel comfortable using it. It is 100% free with no file limit to convert and ads. Furthermore, CloudConvert ensures that they don’t collect any data from your uploaded videos and other files and will automatically delete the data after 24 hours. So, CloudConvert is safe to use as SSL encrypts all data transmissions.

is cloudconvert safe display image

How to Use CloudConvert to Convert Videos Online

Like other online video converters, CloudConvert claims that you can upload video files and receive the converted video within a few minutes. Also, you can use your computer’s web browser, like Chrome, Safari, Bing, Edge, Firefox, and more, to convert videos. You can convert videos to MP4, WMV, WebM, MKV, MOV, and other formats. See the quick steps below to see how CloudConvert works.

User guide:

  • Launch the official website of CloudConvert on your web browser. Familiarize its interface and locate the “Select File” button. After that, hit that button to see your file menu.
  • Pick the video you want to convert and hit the “Open” button. Then, the video will be uploaded to the tool. Once done, hit the “dropdown” icon beside the video’s file name.
  • Select “Video” from the menu and pick the format you want as an output. Afterward, hit the “Convert” button to begin. The converted file will go to your local computer when the process is finished.

 cloudconvert interface

CloudConvert Alternative to Convert Videos Safely

Distinctive Feature: It has a “Task Schedule” format that allows you to automatically convert files in a setup time, even without directly navigating the tool.
Best For: It is best for converting and video editing.
Pricing Plan: $49.95/personal and lifetime license

CloudConvert is undoubtedly a safe and reliable converter. However, even if it doesn’t limit the number of files you convert, it still limits the file size you upload. CloudConvert can only convert a file with 200MB of file size. So if you want to convert a video with a huge file size, we suggest using Video Master. It is a professional video converter that accepts any video format and files size without limit. Furthermore, you can modify the video resolution and bitrate before converting the file. Additionally, you can edit your video with the tool’s video editing features. You can join or trim clips, rotate, resize, add filters, insert logos, and more. Also, you can use it as an Apple TV converter due to its support on devices like Apple TV, LG, Huawei, Sony, and more. To know more about it, open this website. Once done, follow the steps underneath.

Free Download
For Win 7 or later (64-bit)
Secure Download
Free Download
For macOS 10.12 or later
Secure Download

Step 1Install the CloudConvert Alternative

Click the “Download” button above for the Video Master installer. Ensure you get the appropriate button for your computer OS (Windows or Mac). Observe the instruction on the dialogue box to fulfill the installation process. Afterward, start the tool and see its main interface below.

video master main interface

Step 2Add and Convert Video

Next, hit the “Converter” tab and click “Add Files” to import the video from your computer. Then, click the “arrow down” icon on the top-right corner to launch the format window. Here, you can select the output format for the video alongside its quality. You can also select an audio format to convert your video to audio. Once done, hit the “Convert All” button to convert the file.

hit converter and add files, click arrow button, select and format and hit convert all

Step 3Play the Converted Video

Now that the conversion process is completed, move to the “Converted” tab and locate the video. As you can see, the video was formerly an MP4 file in step 2, but now, it is converted to MOV format. You can rename the file by hitting the “Pen” icon. Then, hit the “Play” button and check the converted file.

hit converted, check format, click pen and play icon, check video

Other Recommended Alternatives to CloudConvert


Distinctive Feature: It allows you to adjust the frame rate to up to 60fps and the video quality for up to the highest quality available.
Best For: The tool is best used in video converting with customizable settings.
Pricing Plan: Free

Convertio is another online tool you can use as an alternative to CloudConvert. It is an excellent alternative if you want to convert video from cloud storage, like Dropbox and Google Drive. Unlike CloudConvert, you can modify this tool's video and audio settings. You can cut some parts, select video codec, rotate, resize, and flip the video. Then when it comes to the audio settings, you can adjust the bitrate, audio channels, frequency, and volume. Like CloudConvert, the files you upload will be instantly removed after 24 hours, and no one can access your file. So, your privacy and safety are 100% guaranteed.

convertio interface

2Any Video Converter

Distinctive Feature: The software supports NVIDIA CUDA and AMD APP Encoder acceleration technology for faster conversion.
Best For: It is best used for batch conversion.
Pricing Plan: $49.95/personal and lifetime license

Any Video Converter is a powerful app that can complete most video conversion processes. Before converting the video file, you can choose between 480P, 720P, 1080P, and 4K quality resolutions. Additionally, you can modify a video simply by trimming, rotating, merging, and adding transitions or effects. Besides, you can convert to supported formats, including MP4, AVI, M4V, MOV, WMA, MP3, and others. The Any Video Converter also uses HEVC video compression to preserve excellent visual quality in smaller file sizes, making it more unique than CloudConvert. Apart from video converting, you can also record videos on your computer screen in customizable areas.

any video converter interface

3WonderFox Video Converter

Distinctive Feature: It can compress the video into a smaller file size while preserving the original quality.
Best For: It is best used in converting videos without a watermark.
Pricing Plan: $34.95/personal and lifetime license

WonderFox Video Converter is a watermark-free Windows-based video converter that handles all your conversion needs. You can use this tool to download your preferred videos from various websites, including Facebook, Vevo, YouTube, and more. After that, you can edit them using its essential editing feature before having them converted and saved on your device. Trim, merge, rotate, add subtitles, crop, add effects, and many other options are available in its editing feature. In addition, you don’t need to worry about the duration limit as you can convert many videos in different sizes. It offers 50x faster conversion speed compared to CloudConvert.

wonderfox video converter

FAQs About Video Conversion

1. Can I convert YouTube videos in CloudConvert?
Even if you can convert URLs on CloudConvert, YouTube is an exception. CloudConvert cannot convert YouTube URLs because of YouTube copyright issues. With the strict policy of YouTube regarding its content, getting videos and music from the platform is difficult. So, upgrading to YouTube’s premium version is best if you want to save YouTube videos.
3. How fast does CloudConvert convert files?
It all depends on the file types you want to convert. Generally, the conversion process only takes a few minutes to complete. So you won’t have to wait long to get the results you are looking for. However, it can take even longer for large files or files with formatting issues because the tool has to analyze the file more.

Comparison Chart

Tools System Compatibility Supported Quality Batch Convert
CloudConvert All Platforms Up to 1080P Not available
Video Master Windows and Mac Up to 4K Available
Convertio All Platforms Up to 1080P Not available
Any Video Converter Windows and Mac Up to 4K Available
WonderFox Video Converter Windows only Up to 4K Available


Overall, CloudConvert is a safe tool for converting files with smaller file sizes. If you need to convert less than 25 files per day with no more than 200MB in size, CloudConvert is the perfect tool for you. As for large files, you can opt for other CloudConvert alternatives, like Video Master, to get better choices without a problem. Whether you are using an online tool or software, you can control the output of your file. All the tools we’ve mentioned are qualified and reviewed to help you make a better decision in choosing the best one.

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