Top 10 Free 4K to 1080P Video Converter: Desktop & Online Tools

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free 4k video converterWhen we speak about video resolutions, most of us are familiar with the most common resolution standards, which are 720P and 1080P. Nevertheless, now we have a higher video resolution than 1080P, known as 4K. 4K refers to a display resolution of four times the resolution of 1080P or approximately 4,000 pixels. Furthermore, 4K has a crystal clear output that moves your watching experience to the next level, as if you are in a cinema. Of course, every upgrade is not cheap, and not everyone has 4K devices to stream 4K videos. You need dedicated 4K monitors to enjoy 4K videos. However, if purchasing 4K devices is not on your plan, you can opt for another solution to play your videos. You can convert the 4K videos to a lower but still provides vivid resolution, like 1080P. That way, you can enjoy them with excellent video resolution in the comfort of any device you use. To help you with that, we gather the ten best free 4K video converter worth a try. Discover them here and pick one that will catch your attention!

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10 Reliable Free 4K to 1080P Video Converter

1Freemake Video Converter

User Group: Best for users that want to trim the video before the conversion process.
Interface Language: English, Dansk, Magyar, Polski, and more
Batch Convert: This tool can convert multiple videos in one click.

Freemake Video Converter is a freemium tool that can convert your 4K videos to lower resolutions, like 1080P and 720P. It can convert videos and movies in any format, including MP4, MOV, MKV, WebM, and more. Besides that, Freemake Video Converter can convert 4K video from streaming platforms, including Dailymotion, Vimeo, YouTube, and more, to your preferred resolution. In addition, the tool automatically uploads videos and other files into your iTunes, Google Drive, Dropbox, or connected hard drive after conversion. The best thing about Freemake Video Converter is it lets you cut parts of the video which you don’t need before conversion.

freemake video converter interface

2VLC Media Player

User Group: It is best for users looking for a tool that allows frame rate customization.
Interface Language: English, French, Chinese, Hindu, and more
Batch Convert: No, the tool doesn’t support batch conversion.

VLC Media Player has plenty of features to offer. It is not just a plain media player but can also work as a reliable free 4K to 1080P video converter. You can use it to lower the resolution of your 4K videos and save them in 1080P HD resolution. There’s no need to download additional codecs, as the tool works impressively for any video and audio formats. Whether your 4K video is in AVI, MOV, SWF, FLV, and other formats, VLC can convert it effortlessly. Also, you can customize the frame rate of your videos for up to 100fps. So, even if you lower the resolutions, you can still have high-quality video output.

There's a lot of features you can from VLC. You just need to know how to set it up and navigate it. Apart from converting videos, you can also use it to rotate your videos. You can click here to discover more about rotating videos in VLC and its other features.

vlc interface

3VideoProc Vlogger

User Group: Best for users searching for a converter with editing features.
Interface Language: English, French, Italian, Spanish, and more
Batch Convert: Yes, the tool supports batch conversion.

VideoProc Vlogger is another free 4K video converter you should try. The tool can downscale 4K to 1080P, convert 1080P to 4K, and change video formats. Also, VideoProc Vlogger supports long GOP, Apple ProRes, HDR, HEVC, and other types of videos. You can instantly get the playable file on most devices and monitors by uploading your 4K video into the tool and setting up the output resolution to 1080P. Apart from that, you can set the output format for the video to MKV and MP4. Plus, you can crop, pan, zoom, rotate, or add motion presets to the video before converting it.

videoproc interface


User Group: Recommended for users that want to convert videos from Google Drive and Dropbox.
Interface Language: English and Deutsch
Batch Convert: Yes, the tool offers batch video conversion.

FreeConvert is a free online 4K video converter that works well on popular web browsers. That includes Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and other supported web browsers. FreeConvert allows you to lessen the resolution of your 4K videos to your preferred aspect ratio and resolution like 480P, 720P, 1080P, and more. Then, you can also set the frame rate of the video to up to 59fps to make it more vivid. Also, the tool offers a lot of video formats to export your videos. Some are MP4, AVI, FLV, OGV, WMV, and more. FreeConvert automatically deletes your files after 2 hours to ensure your security.

 freeconvert interface

5Convertio File Converter

User Group: Best for users who want to convert multiple 4K videos simultaneously.
Interface Language: English, Bahasa Indonesia, Polski, Portugues, and more
Batch Convert: Yes, the tool allows you to add more videos and convert them simultaneously.

Convertio File Converter is a versatile free online 4K video converter that makes your conversion process effortless. The tool can be your best companion if you like to downscale 4K videos to 1080P, 720P, 480P, and other resolutions. Also, you can set the video format to AVI, WMV, MP4, FLV, and other supported video formats. Before converting, you can cut unwanted parts, rotate, flip, and adjust the frame rate to enhance the video. All 4K conversion processes take place in the cloud the fastest way possible without consuming storage capacity from your computer. Then, all of your uploaded files will be deleted after 24 hours.

convertio file converter


User Group: Best for users who want to preview the video before saving it.
Interface Language: English only
Batch Convert: No, the tool allows you to convert 4K video one at a time.

HandBrake is an entirely free and open-source 4K video converter. It offers a dozen output formats for your video and audio, like MP4, MOV, WMV, MP3, AAC, and more. Still, the best part is it can lower 4K videos in any resolution you want. You can set the quality to 480P SD, 720P and 1080P HD, and 2160P resolution. Besides that, you can set the video’s frame rate to 60fps and adjust the quality to “high” to ensure you will get the best result. To add more, the tool lets you add presets, filters, subtitles, titles, and others to your video before saving it.

handbrake interface

7Prism Video Converter Software

User Group: Suitable for uploading converted videos to social media platforms.
Interface Language: English, French, Polski, Japanese, and others
Batch Convert: It has a batch video conversion to help you convert multiple videos simultaneously.

Another tool you can use to lower 4K videos is Prism Video Converter Software. It offers a free version with almost all its features to help you do your production without paying for a subscription. Furthermore, the output resolution is limited to 1080P, which is a good catch in lowering the resolution of your 4K videos. Then, you can choose between AVI, MP4, AMV, and other video formats for your video. Also, you can add color filters, watermarks, or trim and split parts to beautify the video before saving it. Additionally, the tool lets you preview the original video and the video output side by side to see the difference.

prism video converter software interface

8Convert to Video Files Online

User Group: The tool is best for beginners to convert videos with a few steps.
Interface Language: English, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, and more
Batch Convert: No, you can’t do a batch video conversion on this tool.

Convert to Video Files Online allows you to convert 4K video to 1080P online free with many supported formats for the output video. MP4, FLV, AVI, SWF, and MOV, are just some of the supported formats you can choose from. Apart from that, you can select the quality from low, moderate, high, or very high to ensure the best output for your video, even if it is in 1080P. Besides video formats, you can also convert your 4K videos to audio formats, including WAV, MP3, OGG, and ASF. So, there’s no need to use a different tool if you like to convert 4K videos to 1080P or audio format.

 convert to video files online interface

9Any Video Converter

User Group: Suitable for users that want to save videos in one place.
Interface Language: English, Spanish, Turkish, Deutsch, and more
Batch Convert: Yes, the software allows a batch video conversion process.

Any Video Converter is a well-equipped software that can handle most video conversion tasks. Its freemium version offers 480P, 720P, 1080P, and 4K quality resolution that you can customize for the video. So, if you like to lessen 4K videos to lower resolutions, you can choose from the other options. Moreover, you can do basic editing, like trimming, rotating, splitting, and adding effects to the video. Plus, you can convert to popular formats, like MP4, AVI, WMA, MP3, and other supported formats. Another unique feature of the Any Video Converter is it uses HEVC video compression to maintain high visual quality in smaller file sizes.

any video converter interface

10FlexClip Free Video Converter

User Group: Best for users that want to customize the video quality.
Interface Language: English, Italian, French, Deutsch, and more
Batch Convert: No, you need to convert video one at a time.

FlexClip Free Video Converter is a 4K video converter online free that offers simple yet helpful features to lower the resolution of your videos. You have two options to add the video to the tool. First, you can drag the video and drop it on the conversion box. Another option is to hit its “Browse Video” button to select the video manually. Furthermore, the resolution ranges from 360P to 1080P, and you can export the video in MP4 format. Besides that, you can customize the quality from low, medium, and high. The best thing about using this tool is converting your videos without a watermark.

flexclip free video converter interface

Extra Tip: Benefits of Downscaling 4K Videos

Here are some benefits you can acquire if you convert 4K videos to a much smaller resolution. Check them out and see that you will get lots of advantages even if your video is in 100P. After that, move back to the first part and use the best accessible 4K video converter and some free video converter no watermark according to your requirements.

  • Convert 4K video to 1080P. 4K videos take up more storage space on your computer. So if you scale it down to 1080P, you can save storage space while the quality is still high.
  • 4K video lagging. Various devices fall short on 4K 10bit, 4K HDR, or 4K HEVC. Also, iPhone devices that shoot VBR 4K video can be problematic for some editing software. So if you use a 4K video converter, you can change and manage codec settings.
  • Compatibility problems. Dealing with streaming errors on computers or TVs can be solved by lowering the resolution to 1080P. Not all devices support 4K videos, and the best thing you can do is to alter the resolution to make it compatible with most devices.

Comparison Chart of The Best Free 4K to 1080P Converter

Tools System Compatibility Registration Needed Other Feature
Freemake Video Converter Windows Optional It can also convert audio files to other audio formats, like MP3, AAC, FLAC, and more.
VLC Media Player All Platforms None It can record your desktop screen with custom resolution and frame rate.
VideoProc Vlogger Windows and Mac Optional It lets you create time-lapse videos by adjusting the speed of your file according to your liking.
FreeConvert All Platforms Optional You can add subtitles to the video before exporting it.
Convertio File Converter All Platforms None It allows you to apply all the settings you set for all your conversion processes.
Tools System Compatibility Registration Needed Other Feature
HandBrake Windows, MAC, and Linux Required You can adjust the audio quality of your video in this tool.
Prism Video Converter Software Windows and Mac Required It lets you upload and share converted videos to Vimeo, YouTube, Twitter, and more.
Convert to Video Files Online All Platforms Optional You can directly drag and drop the video file onto the file for fast upload.
Any Video Converter Windows and Mac Optional It has a built-in library where you can organize the converted videos.
FlexClip Free Video Converter All Platforms Optional It can extract the audio from the video and save it to MP3 format.

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