Learn Exactly How to Convert FLAC to MP3 iTunes in Simple Way

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Want to import FLAC files to iTunes but failed? Then, we’ve got your problem covered! Here, you can find why importing your FLAC files to iTunes is complicated compared to other audio formats. Besides that, we will show you the supported audio formats of iTunes to know what format you will use for your files. Also, a professional converter you can use to convert FLAC to iTunes efficiently is presented!
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Free Lossless Audio Codec, mostly known as FLAC, is an audio format with lossless compression. It is an open format with a royalty-free license that supports metadata, album cover, and fast seeking. If you are a music buff, you will likely use FLAC for your files or when you download a song from music-sharing sites. However, FLAC is not supported by iTunes, and listening to them on your iOS devices may take another step to do so. In that case, converting them to iTunes-compatible format is your best option. Explore how this is possible with the help of the tip below.

What Are the Supported Audio Formats of iTunes?

iTunes is a media library, media player, and mobile device management app developed and distributed by Apple Inc. On the iTunes store, you can download, play, and organize digital video, audio, and other available media types. Even if Apple Inc. develops it, iTunes is accessible on Windows and Mac OS. However, not all video and audio formats are supported by iTunes. According to Apple Inc., the app only supports media formats that work with QuickTime player, like AAC, AIFF, MP3, and Qualcomm PureVoice and files downloaded or purchased from the iTunes store. Furthermore, the iTunes-compatible audio formats include MP3, AIFF, WAV, AAC, Audible .aa files, Apple Lossless, and iTunes-purchased MP4 or M4A files.

itunes supported format

How to Convert FLAC to iTunes-Friendly Audio Format

Distinctive Feature: The tool has a "Metadata Editor" feature that helps you customize the title, artist, album, composer, genre, and other details of an audio file.
Pricing Plan: $55.95/one-time payment

Now that you've learned the compatible formats, you can see that FLAC is omitted. That said, you can use a converter to convert your FLAC files. If you don't want to waste time looking for the right app, you can use Video Master. It is a reliable software that converts FLAC files and other formats to MP3, AAC, WAV, M4A, and AIFF, the supported formats of iTunes. Additionally, you can select the audio quality between 96kbps, 192kbps, 320kbps, or the same as the original file. Besides that, you can perform basic editing processes. You can trim MP3 Windows 10, split, merge, or adjust the volume. In converting FLAC files to iTunes-friendly format, we recommend using MP3 to make it easier for you to play on any media player and device. Explore the steps below to learn how to convert FLAC to MP3 iTunes.

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Step 1Get the FLAC to iTunes-Supported Format Converter

Check the "Download" buttons above and click the one corresponding to your computer's operating system first. Pass through the setup box to fully install Video Master on your Windows or Mac computer. Once the installation is successful, the software will immediately display on your computer's screen.

video master main interface

Step 2Import the FLAC Audio File

After that, select the “Converter” tab from the top menu and hit the “Add Files” button on the upper-left side of the tool. Depending on your preference, you can import a single FLAC file or a folder full of your audio files. Then, the software will scan your file until it shows up.

hit converter tab, click add files button and import file

Step 3Start to Convert FLAC to MP3

Once done, click the menu next to the "Convert All to" button on the tool's upper right side. Afterward, a new window will appear, showing you different video and audio formats. Select "Audio" from the upper panel and hit "MP3" from the options and the highest audio quality. Next, click "Convert All" to start the audio conversion process.

hit convert all to button, click audio and mp3, select quality and hit convert all

Step 4Check the Newly Converted File

Finally, move to the “Converted” tab to check the file. Click the “Folder” icon beside the file to locate the audio file. Then, hit the file to see if it is now converted to MP3 format. Double-click it if you like to play it before transferring it to iTunes. After that, read and follow the instructions in the next section to move the new MP3 file to iTunes.

hit file, check format, play the audio

Video Master
A prominent tool to convert FLAC files to convert it on file formats for iTunes. Convert to MP3, AAC, WAV, and another format in just a few steps!
  • It comes with a lossless conversion that will convert audio files without affecting the quality.
  • The tool can convert FLAC files to other formats by batch to help you save time.
  • It has a built-in media player that you can use to listen to the audio that you converted.

How to Import the Converted Audio Files to iTunes

You can now transfer your FLAC files to your iTunes account after converting them into an iTunes-compatible audio format. We will offer the procedures for you to follow if you need to learn how to upload converted files to iTunes in order to play them on different iOS devices, including Mac computers, Macbooks, iPad, and iPhones. Make sure that the iTunes app you will use is on its latest version (version 12.10).

User Guide:

  • Open your iTunes on your Windows or Mac computer. Log in with your Apple ID to the app to quickly sync other files. After that, click the "File" button on the software's top-left part and select the "Add File to Library" button.
  • Now, find the converted file and select a music folder where you want to keep the audio. Later, right-click the file and play it without any errors. After transferring the audio file to your iTunes, you can sync it to other iOS devices.
  • If you want to sync and play the file on other iOS devices, open the iTunes app on your iPhone or Mac computer and log in to the same Apple ID you used a while ago. Then, locate the audio and click on it. Select "Add to Device" from the options to transfer it to the device.

hit music tab, click add to device

FAQs About Converting FLAC to iTunes

1. Can I use iTunes to convert FLAC files?
iTunes can convert audio files between compressed and uncompressed audio formats. Some examples of these formats are Apple Lossless and MP3. However, you can't convert FLAC to iTunes lossless formats. Since iTunes cannot process and accept FLAC format, there's no way you can convert it to the supported format of iTunes.
2. Can I use an online tool to convert FLAC?
Yes, there are many online audio converters that you can see on the internet, like the Free Online Audio Converter. This tool can help you convert FLAC files to MP3, the supported format of iTunes. The best thing about using an online tool is you don't have to install another third-party converter, saving you storage space on your computer.
3. What media players support the FLAC format?
In case you want to play FLAC files on other devices without converting them, you can use a third-party media player. You need to ensure that these media players support FLAC. To help you with that, you can use VLC, VOX Player, Decibel Audio Player, and Winamp to play FLAC on Mac computers. Meanwhile, AIMP, Pi Music Player, and Poweramp Music Player are some of the media players you can utilize on Windows computers. However, suppose your file's audio codec is incompatible with the media player you use. In that case, it is best to convert them to another format.

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