Privacy Policy

1. How Collection and Utilization of User Data is Done

Upon reading through this information, you are going to have a proper understanding of how we receive and utilize information. Be sure to read through all the T & Cs regarding how data storage is orchestrated.

2. Collection of User Information

We collect information to evaluate and choose the most suitable product for you. Every information we collect is completely under our watch and custody, which means we do not share those data with any other party.

a) E-mail Address: We're fond of collecting the e-mails of those that buy our products. Collecting customer's e-mail addresses is of great significance to us because we employ it to generate the license key of whatever they have bought. They are equally needed for further communication with customers. All information about our customer's emails are stored in our extremely secure database where they can be used in the future for related purposes.

b) Information Concerning Purchases: B)Anytime a user makes a payment, we have to collect some of the user’s information. Any information we collect is confidential. Our operations are built on some of the world’s best practices when it comes to the protection of user data. We make sure any information we collect in the process of transacting with users is never made known to other parties. We have a strict policy for privacy protection, and we prefer to observe those measures to the letter.

c) IP Address and Cookies: C)We actually implement cookies on our website. Cookies are small-sized files that can be stored within your browser upon your approval. We are able to properly identify you with the help of the cookie file, which helps us in providing you with customized and personalized services. Below are the cookie types we love to implement in our web administration activities:

- Analytical Cookies: We use these cookies for analyzing and counting how many visitors hit the site. With this information, we can execute the appropriate changes on the website to make it more suitable for our customers.
- Mandatory Cookies: This set of cookies are specifically for the website's functionality. Their duty is to make sure the website works seamlessly.
- Target Cookies: These cookies are what give us a picture of your navigational activities whenever you visit our site. They are meant for showing you the right things when you visit the website subsequently.

If you are unwilling to allow cookies, they can be easily disabled when you go into your browser settings to change some things. The problem with that is that it prevents us from knowing your choice of content.

d) Uploaded Files: A couple of our products are designed along with web hosting options. You can actually have your files uploaded on our company cloud while they can be accessed from any location any time you please. Any file you upload onto our cloud will be securely maintained, and only a file owner has the right to access those files.

3. User Data and Files Storage

We use log files to store every user information we collect on the cloud. We store information such as ISP, IP address, exit and entry pages on the site, date and time of visit, the type of browser used, etc. We use those data to analyze the user’s information, helping us figure out the customer’s preferences. Such information would not be shared with any other individual or organization for the purposes of marketing. It is completely safe in our possession.

Files uploaded to our cloud services are equally safe, with sole access granted to you as the only authorized user.

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