End User License Agreement

Important Note: Kindly give this End User agreement a good read. You need to check that you are buying OKVid Software and that your registration is done as the end user for this OKVid End User License Agreement. If your registration is not done as an end user, you can’t use the Software (as you haven’t any license), and a limited warranty in the OKVid end user license agreement is not implemented. 

You can download OKVid software from this website, and after downloading it, you, by default, agree to the terms and conditions of this Software. Don’t download the Software if you don’t agree it’s all its terms and conditions. The terms and conditions of an end-user license agreement associated with a specific software file shall supersede the below-mentioned terms upon downloading or installing. It is a legal agreement between you, the Software (OKVid) developer, and you concerning your use of OKVid products (Software).

Software Product License

1. License Grant

This end-user license agreement (EULA) gives you the following rights regarding software products. OKVid grants you a limited, non-transferable, revocable and non-exclusive license to download and operate the Software.

An Individual license can only be used on a single computer for your commercial practice or personal use. It is impossible for you to make your Software available on a network or otherwise provide the Software to many other users. To share it with multiple users, you must purchase Muti-user or Business license from OKVid first. 

2. Copyright

OKVid and its suppliers own all the copyrights and titles regarding the software product (it includes any photographs, images, video, animations, music, audio, and text contained in the Software Product), any copies of the software product, and the respective printed materials. The Software product is under the auspices of international treaty provisions and copyright laws. So, you should deal with this Software product just like copyrighted Software.  

3. Restrictions

- OKVid ensures respect for the rights of film companies and artists, and correct use of the Software doesn’t infringe the rights. You are not allowed to copy DVDs to give away or sell the copies or for any commercial advantage.
- OKVid always prevents any trying to copy rental DVDs. It is not legal to make copies of DVS for many other intentions except for personal use. OKVid ensures respect for the rights of film companies and artists and wants you to do the same. 
- Backup copies of DVDs will be created by using the Software. This DVD copy will be an additional archival copy made only for the personal and private use of the DVD owner. Federal copyright laws prevent unlicensed reproduction, distribution, or display of copyrighted stuff, if any, included in the archival backup copy. It is strictly prohibited to reproduce, resale, distribute, or commercially exploit the archival backup copy. You should always respect the rights of copyright owners.

4. Explanation of Other Limitations and Rights

Limitations on decompilation, reverse engineering, and disassembly

You can not decompile, reverse engineer, and disassemble the Software product’s object code portions except to the degree that the above activities are explicitly authorized by applicable law, regardless of this limitation.

Cover CD

It is allowed to reproduce and distribute OKVid Software (only evaluation copies) in different cover CDs published by the respective magazines. However, sending a copy of the magazine with CD to OKVid Studio is essential.


This EULA is functional till termination. It’s up to you to terminate it when you want; all you have to do is destroy the Software and all the copies. If you fail to act according to any of the terms or conditions of this EULA, this license will terminate you. Such termination ensures your agreement to destroy Software along with the copies thereof. 

No Warranty and Limitation of Liability

Documentation and information shared on this site are provided as it is, without any warranty, either implied or expressed, involving limited warranties of merchantability, non-infringement, and fitness for a particular purpose.  

OKVid uses proportionate means to comprehend updated and accurate information on this website. However, it makes no warranty or representation regarding its completeness or accuracy. OKVid may change, add, update, or improves the documents and information on this website from time to time without notice. OKVid disclaims all responsibilities and liabilities for errors and omissions in our website’s content. Use this website at your own responsibility.  

Under no legal theory and under no circumstances shall OKVid or any other group engaged in producing, creating, or delivering the contents of this website be liable to you or any other individual.


OKVid doesn’t permit you to use the software product in violation of local law. Using our software product to engage in unlawful activity will be at your own risk. If you have any issues regarding this item, kindly do not download or use the Software product.

The last interpretation is at our discretion. If you have any queries regarding this EULA or want to speak to us for any reason, feel free to send us your words at [email protected]

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