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Information About MP4 and YouTube

MP4 is a well-known video container format that stores audio and video data. It can also contain subtitles, texts, and still images. MP4 can be utilized on multiple platforms and devices, with a high amount of compression that results in smaller sizes. Besides that, MP4 lets you attach metadata to your files, like title, genre, year, and more. YouTube is one of the most prominent video-sharing platforms worldwide. Based on YouTube, MP4 video files with AAC audio codec and H.264 video codec are the most recommended if you plan to upload a video. As you know, MP4 compresses videos for a small file size but also affects the quality.

About the MP4 to YouTube Converter Online

YouTube is an outstanding platform for sharing your videos to gain millions of viewers. However, you must remember that uploading a video on YouTube requires high-quality resolution and format. YouTube doesn’t recommend MP4 due to its lossy output, so you need to convert your files to other high-quality video formats that YouTube recommends. You can use our Free MP4 to YouTube Online Converter to convert your MP4 files to AAC, AVI, MOV, and other YouTube-supported formats. Whether using a Windows or Mac computer, the tool works effortlessly on your web browser. Plus, it converts the file to the highest quality. Then, you can upload MP4 to YouTube hassle-free!

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