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How can you reverse videos? There are so many ways to do it, but with all the choices you can get on the internet, it might be overwhelming to pick one. To help you decide quickly, we created a detailed tutorial about Windows Movie Maker reverse video feature, which is perfect for Windows users. Then, if you want a more advanced way to reverse your favorite video, we provide five alternative tools worth trying!
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Video productions become more cool-looking and exciting if they have a reversed clip. Reversed is a feature for video editing and has been used by many professional video editors. It is used for sports, food, drawing, and any other video that requires a clearer view of speedy-paced movements. Moreover, if you are an aspiring video editor, it is essential to know how to do this technique to highlight essential parts of your video. Reversing a video is easy with the help of the tutorials below.

How to Reverse a Video with Windows Movie Maker

Windows user has the advantage of getting Windows Movie Maker. It is a Windows-based application that can make plain videos into eye-catching clips. Windows Movie Maker is still available if you are a Windows 8 and older user. Meanwhile, for Windows 10 and 11 users, Windows Movie Maker was replaced by the “Video Editor” inside the “Photos App.” Furthermore, the tool is helpful in reversing your videos, as well as editing them. You can create a slide show, add transitions and texts, cut or merge clips, rotate video Windows 10, and more. To know how to reverse in Windows Movie Maker, check the steps below.

User guide:

  • Open your Windows Movie Maker app by searching on your “Task Bar.” Then, drag and drop the video you want to reverse into the tool. After that, put the video into the app’s timeline and find the first frame using the slider. Drag the slider to the left, preview the frame, and take note of the time code.

windows movie maker interface

  • Also, you can preview the clip frame by frame by hitting the “Previous Frame” and the “Next Frame” button. Once done, hit the “Snapshot” button on your “Home” tab to screenshot your chosen frame. Later, do the same process on your successive frames and save the screenshots in one folder.

drag video in the timeline, select frame

  • Next, go to the “Edit” tab of Windows Movie Maker and import the videos you’ve collected for the reverse video. Ensure that you put the photos in the timeline in the correct sequence. Remove the original video from the timeline and only leave the photos. Then, play the video to check if you’ve got the right time ratio. If it is correct, you will have an eye-catching reverse video.

 play reverse video in windows movie maker

How to Reverse Videos in One Click

Pricing Plan: $49.95/lifetime license
Supported Video Quality: You can keep the video in 1080P and 4K.

Creating a reverse video with Windows Movie Maker will take time and effort. The screenshot process for each frame is another task to work on. To ease your time, you can reverse a video quickly using Video Editor Pro. Video Editor Pro is a tool you can use as an alternative to Windows Movie Maker. This software has a feature that lets you edit the video first before reversing it. It has over 50 overlays, filters, and transitions that you can utilize to create a professional-looking video. Also, you can trim, merge, rotate, crop, and add voice-over to your video. What makes it unique from Windows Movie Maker is its ability to reverse your video in just one click. The tool works like the reverse clip Premiere feature. Click here to learn more on how you can reverse clip with Premiere. Curious about how to use the Windows video editor reverse clip tool? See the steps below.

Free Download
For Win 7 or later (64-bit)
Secure Download
Free Download
For macOS 10.12 or later
Secure Download

Step 1Install the Windows Movie Maker Alternative

Grab the Video Editor Pro by hitting the correct “Download” buttons over the step. Once you the button, a setup window will appear on your screen. Go after the instructions on that window until the software is completely installed. Then, open the tool right after.

video editor pro main interface

Step 2Import the Video to Reverse

Next, locate the “Media” panel and hit the “Import” button, and menu options will pop out. You can hit the “Import File” button to import a single video. If you want to reverse many videos saved in one folder, hit the “Import Folder” to import them simultaneously. After that, the video will appear on the media tab.

hit import, select file or folder, check video

Step 3Start Reversing the Video

When the video is successfully imported, drag it to the video timeline and edit it according to your liking. You can use video editing tools to enhance your video. Once done, double-click the video, and a new editing window will appear on the top-left side of the tool. Hit the “Reverse” button from the options and click “OK” to confirm it. Then, the tool will start reversing your video.

 double-click video, hit reverse and ok button to start

Step 4Select Video Quality and Export

Now, hit the “Export” button to launch the export settings. Rename the video and select the output folder to locate it quickly. Afterward, choose your preferred video format and set the quality to “High” for a precise result. If satisfied, hit the “Export” button below to render and save the reversed video.

edit name, output folder, format and quality, hit export

Step 5View the Reversed Video

Finally, launch the folder you selected in the above step and locate the video. Double-click the video and play it with your computer’s video player. You can now enjoy and share the reversed video with your social media and friends. That’s how easily you can reverse video with Video Editor Pro.

open folder, locate video and play

Other Solutions to Reverse Video

1Fastreel Online Video Reverser

Pricing Plan: The tool allows you to reverse video for free.
Supported Video Quality: You can export the video to 720P and 1080P HD.

With Fastreel Online Video Reverser, you can reverse videos online without installing software on your computer. This tool is an excellent alternative to Windows Movie Maker because it allows users to reverse videos in various formats. That includes WMV, MKV, MOV, MP4, and more. You can use it on any popular browser, like Chrome, Bing, Firefox, and others. Also, you don't need to worry about the security of the videos they post because the app offers an encrypted security system. Fastreel Online Video Reverser is the recommended tool for users looking for a tool with less setup. Below is a simple tutorial on the Windows video editor play backwards tool.

User guide:

  • Visit the official website of Fastreel Online Video Reverser on your web browser. You can click the link above to launch it quickly. On its landing page, hit the “Add Your File” button to see your file folder.
  • Pick a video you want to reverse and hit “Open” to add it. Once the video is imported, the online tool will automatically reverse it, including the audio within the video.
  • Finally, you will move to a new window where you can save the video. Hit the “Download with Watermark” to keep the reversed video. You can also upgrade to its premium version if you want to remove the watermark.

fastreel online video reverser interface

2VideoPad Video Editor

Pricing Plan: $49.99/lifetime license
Supported Video Quality: 720P, 1080P, 2K, and 4K

Another tool you can use is the VideoPad Video Editor. It is a fully featured software for beginner and professional video editors. You can edit videos from GoPro, webcam, DV camcorder, and other devices here. Then, the tool lets you choose different clip transitions, texts, effects, logos, and more. Furthermore, you can modify your video speed or reverse playback and export it afterward. One of its unique features that you can’t see on Windows Movie Maker is you can directly share your video output to YouTube. Besides, you can instantly upload your videos to Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive for easier access. Check the listed guide underneath to reverse the video with this software.

User guide:

  • Save the software on your computer by getting the installer from its website above. Open the tool and familiarize it after the installation process. Now, hit the “Add Media” button on the top-left corner of the tool.
  • Import a video, and it will automatically appear on the tool’s editing timeline. Then, right-click the video and select whether you want to keep the video’s audio or remove it. After that, right-click the video again and pick “Adjust Effects” from the option.
  • Next, hit the “Speed Change” button, and two-speed options will show up. Since we are reversing a video, pick the “Play clip backwards” option and let it load up. Once done, you can preview the video on the playback monitor or save the video using the “Export” button.

videopad video editor interface


Pricing Plan: $16/per month
Supported Video Quality: You can export your videos to 720P SD and 1080P HD.

Kapwing is a reliable tool that works purely over the web. You can edit your video by adding audio, transitions, elements, images, subtitles, and more. Kapwing lets you import a video from Google Drive or paste a video URL. Another feature that makes it stand out from Windows Movie Maker is it allows you to modify the speed of the reverse video. You can adjust the reverse speed from 0.5X up to 2X speed for a better result. Then if you don’t want to include the video's audio, you can quickly mute it. Read the user guide below to see how it works.

User guide:

  • Launch your web browser and go to Kapwing’s official web page. Create an account if you are a new user using your email. After signing up, the video editor will appear.
  • Click the “Add Media” button to add the video you need to reverse. Then, drop the video in the timeline and click on it. Once you click the video, the essential editing tools will pop out on the left panel.
  • Locate the speed feature and tick the “Reverse” box beside it. Adjust the reverse speed by hitting the “-” and the “+” icon. Finally, tick the “Export Project” button on the top-right corner to save the reversed video on your computer.

 kapwing interface

4VSDC Video Editor

Pricing Plan: $19.99/lifetime license
Supported Video Quality: The tool lets you save the video in 1080P and 4K.

The last tool you can utilize, instead of the reverse video Movie Maker tool, is VSDC Video Editor. It is a comprehensive suite that provides many helpful features for video editing. VSDC Video Editor allows you to remove the background of the video or replace it with an extra fantastic element. Then, you can add effects, subtitles, shapes, transitions, or adjust the color correction. When it comes to reversing, this tool allows you to adjust the speed or automatically reverse it without modifying the speed. Additionally, you can fix shaky clips, add voice annotations, or enable motion tracking. The listed guide is written below to help you reverse video with VSDC Video Editor.

User guide:

  • First, click the link above and get the tool’s installer to acquire the video. Then, start the software and hit the “Add File” button. Pick a video from your computer folder and add it to the tool.
  • After that, move to the right side of the tool and locate the menu. Click the “Properties” and select the “Playing Backwards” option. Hit that option, and expanded settings will pop out.
  • Hit the “Yes” button to apply the backward playing feature. You can preview the option on the preview monitor to check it. Once done, click the “Save” button to keep the video on your device.

 vsdc video editor interface

FAQs About Reversing Video

1. Can I reverse a video on the photos app?
The Photos App doesn’t have a reverse feature. Like Windows Movie Maker, you must manually take a screenshot of each frame backwards to create a reverse video. It is a bit time-consuming. That’s why we only include tools that have a reverse feature or can automatically reverse your video without a hassle.
2. Can I reverse a video on a Mac computer?
The tools we’ve mentioned, including the Video Editor Pro, can be installed and used on Mac computers. You can use them and follow the same process to reverse your videos. Besides that, you can also use QuickTime Player if you don’t want to use third-party apps. However, reversing a video on QuickTime requires additional effort and a setup process that may overwhelm you.


Although the frame-by-frame reverse process in Windows Movie Maker can be time-consuming, the finished product is worth sharing. However, we recommend using the Video Editor Pro if you need to enhance the video editing process. Aside from reversing your video, you can also alter it with the tool’s video editing features. Furthermore, you can select the right tool that best suits your necessities. Each video reverser is designed to optimize your experience and won’t give you a hard time learning how to reverse a video.

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