How to Trim an MP3 File in Windows 10 - No Quality Loss

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As we know, Windows Media Player is an excellent app for Windows 10 users. However, it is just an app that can play audio and video files. So, you cannot use it if you want to trim MP3 files. That said, you have to look for other ways to trim MP3 Windows 10. Here, you will learn the six practical ways to trim and enhance your favorite MP3 files, including online tools and desktop solutions.
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MP3 is a widely used format for music enthusiasts. It is unsurprising that many users save their favorite music in MP3 format and play it on different devices and media players. If you are one of those music lovers who want to edit MP3 files for ringtones, background music, and other purposes, trimming them into smaller ones is recommended. Besides, if you don’t want a specific part of your MP3 files, you can trim it down using the right tool! Learn below how to do all the processes on Windows 10 without losing the MP3’s quality.

The Recommended Ways to Trim Audio Windows 10

1Video Editor Pro

Distinctive Feature: It allows you to directly record your voice with a microphone and edit the audio to enhance it.
Limitations: You must upgrade to its premium version before using all its features.

First, we will give you professional software that can keep the original quality of your MP3 while trimming it on Windows 10. We recommend Video Editor Pro, a versatile tool with impressive media editing features. You can trim the MP3 file to any part you want and delete the other section you don’t need. Plus, the tool has a timeline panel allowing you to precisely trim the audio in a specific timeframe. Moreover, you can edit the audio by adjusting its speed, volume, or effects like fade in and out. The best thing about it? You can trim a single MP3 file into many small clips of your choice. Apart from MP3 files, you can use the software to trim videos in Windows 10. Read here in case you want to learn this tool's video trimmer function. After that, the steps below to trim audio Windows 10 with Video Editor Pro.

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Step 1Install the MP3 Trimmer

First, hit the left “Download” button above to access the Windows installer of Video Editor Pro. Then follow the guide on the wizard window to install the tool successfully on your Windows 10 computer. Open the software and familiarize its interface, features, and navigation.

video editor pro main interface

Step 2Import the MP3 File

Next, import the MP3 file by dropping it directly on the “Media” panel. Also, you can hit the “Import” button to select one file or the entire folder. After importing the MP3 file, it will appear on the media panel, where you can double-check it.

hit import, add file and check it

Step 3Start Trimming the MP3 File

Drag the MP3 file into the timeline under the “Audio” tab. Then, double-click the file until the slider turns “yellow.” To trim the file, drag the slider into the part that you want and click the “scissor” icon on the slider. This will automatically trim the MP3 file into the part that you prefer.

drop the file on the timeline, select part, trim mp3 file

Step 4Export the Trimmed MP3 File

Now that you have trimmed the MP3 file, remove the other clip you don’t want by clicking on it. After that, hit the “Trash” icon on the toolbar to remove it. Once done, hit the “Export” button and choose the “Audio” option from the window. Select “MP3” as the audio format and click “Export” to save the trimmed MP3 file on your computer.

delete unwanted parts, hit export, select audio and format, click export


Distinctive Feature: The tool can capture live audio from your mixer and microphone or digitize recordings.
Limitations: It has a complex interface that is not user-friendly for beginners.

Audacity is another software you can use for trimming audio files. It is a cross-platform program, making it available on any Windows, Mac, and Linux version. The tool has all the advanced audio editing features you need to enhance your MP3 files. You can trim, merge, mix, copy, and split MP3 files with unlimited undo and redo. Besides that, you can apply audio effects, remove unwanted noise, adjust sound quality, and more to the trimmed MP3. Also, it has a “Spectogram view mode” that can help you visualize and select frequencies. Check the details underneath to know how to use the MP3 trimmer Windows 10.

User guide:

  • Install Audacity on your Windows 10 computer using the link above. After installing, launch the program and hit the “File” button on the upper left corner of the tool. Then, select the “Open” button from the menu.
  • Import the MP4 file from your computer and wait until it shows up. Once done, hit the “Selection Tool” to spotlight a part at the start or end of the MP3 file. Afterward, press and drag your left mouse cursor.
  • Move to the “Edit” tab on the top menu and click the “Remove Special” button. Click the “Trim Audio” button to trim the chosen part. Finally, go to the “File” tab and select “Export Audio” to save the trimmed MP3.

hit edit, select remove special, click trim audio

3Online Audio & MP3 Cutter

Distinctive Feature: It has two modes; Keep and Remove. You can enable the “Keep” mode to save your chosen part; meanwhile, the “Remove” mode lets you eliminate the chosen part.
Limitations: You can only save the trimmed audio at its original quality.

If you are searching for an online MP3 trimmer, we recommend using Online Audio & MP3 Cutter. Online Audio & MP3 Cutter allows you to trim your MP3, WAV, M4A, OGG, AAC, and other audio files without affecting their original quality. The benefit of using an online trimmer is you can use it anytime and on any device, like Windows or Mac computers, smartphones, tablets, and more. You can manually input the end and start time frame or drag the slider to the part you want to keep or remove. Plus, you can also enable the “fade in” or “fade out” effect for the trimmed audio. The listed steps are written below to guide you through.

User guide:

  • Hit the link above to launch the official web page of Online Audio & MP3 Cutter. When you are on the landing page, please acquaint yourself with its feature and interface. After that, hit the “Choose File” button to open your file folder.
  • Pick the MP3 file you want to trim and import it to the online trimmer. Then, select a mode of your choice (Keep or Remove). Once finished, drag the start and end slider or input the timeframe to choose a part you want to trim.
  • If you want to use the “Fade” effect, toggle on the “Fade In” or “Fade Out” button. Finally, hit the “Play” icon to check the output. If satisfied, click the “Crop” button to keep the trimmed MP3 on your device.

online audio & mp3 cutter interface

4Movavi Video Editor

Distinctive Feature: It has built-in effects, transitions, and customizable voice enhancement that you can apply to your trimmed audio.
Limitations: The tool is slightly slow when rendering heavy audio and video files.

Movavi Video Editor is the tool you need to bring your imaginative ideas to life. You can make your videos eye-catching with special effects, animation, premade intros, and much more. It is an all-in-one program that can help you with your audio editing requirements. Movavi Video Editor allows you to trim your MP3 files, remove noises, copy a part of the audio, and more. Also, you can use it to record your voice and directly edit or overlay it to the video. After editing, you can quickly share them on YouTube and TikTok. Read the guide below to learn how to trim MP3 files on Windows 10 with Movavi Video Editor.

User guide:

  • Utilize the link above to download Movavi Video Editor to your Windows 10 computer. Make sure to follow the guide on its setup window to install the tool. Launch the app afterward to explore its user interface.
  • Click the "Add Files" files button to add the audio. Once done, drop the audio file into the tool's timeline under the “Audio” tab. Now, move the slider to the section you want to trim and hit the “Scissor” icon to trim it.
  • After that, remove the audio part you don’t need. Then, before exporting the audio, you can enhance it with editing tools. Lastly, hit the "Export" option, and your device will receive the modified MP3 file.

movavi video editor interface


Distinctive Feature: You can save and edit the waveform of the MP3 file and use it in your video projects.
Limitations: It is sometimes glitchy, primarily if you use the free version.

Kapwing is an additional tool that easily trims MP3 files. The professional online video and audio editor offers amazing features on both Windows and Mac systems. Additionally, you can begin editing audio from your computer or cloud storage, like Google Drive. You can trim your MP3s in a personalized timeframe or by adjusting the slider. Besides, the tool lets you adjust the audio volume, speed, effects, timing, and more. Also, you can immediately delete the unwanted parts and only export your preferred audio clip. What makes it unique is it has a “Clean Audio” feature that can automatically remove background noise. See the steps on how to trim an MP3 file in Windows 10 with Kapwing.

User guide:

  • Head to the official website of Kapwing and register your email to create an account. Once done, its official interface will appear. Move to the left panel and locate the “Audio” option from the menu.
  • Hit the “Click to upload audio” button to import the MP3 file. Afterward, drag the audio into the tool’s timeline. Next, move to the right side of the tool to see the audio editing options.
  • Click the “Trim” button to open the “Audio Trimmer.” Here, you can insert a specific timeframe on where you want to start and end the clip. Then, hit the “Trim” button to start. If you want to save the audio after trimming, hit the “Export” button in the top-right corner.

kapwing audio trimmer

6Adobe Audition CC

Distinctive Feature: It has 100GB of cloud storage to save and organize your edited audio files and quickly access them anywhere.
Limitations: It doesn’t have many customization options to adapt to specific features.

With its powerful capabilities, Adobe Audition CC enables you to quickly produce podcasts, recordings, and various audio and video works. It is excellent software for professional audio editors because of its comprehensive features. Adobe Audition CC has sound effect design elements used by professionals in the movie industry. In addition, you can use its diagnostics panels, effects, spectral frequency, and other things that allow you to create amazing MP3 files. Furthermore, if you are a beginner, its official website has a step-by-step tutorial on how to use its features to reduce working time. So, if you want to try this Windows 10 MP3 trimmer, follow the direction below.

User guide:

  • Save the Adobe Auditon CC on your Windows computer and open it. Then, import the MP3 file by dropping it directly into the tool. Once imported, you can use its top preview option to navigate around your audio.
  • Next, highlight the part you wish to trim and tap the backspace key of your keyboard to delete it. Meanwhile, if you want to keep o a part of the audio clip, select the part and navigate to the “Edit” tab on the upper menu. Choose “Crop” from the option.
  • This will crop out the selected part and delete the unwanted clips. Once done, hit the “File” button and click “Save as.” Rename the MP3 file and choose “MP3 Audio” format. Finally, hit “Save” to store the trimmed MP3 on your computer.

adobe audition cc interface

FAQs About Trimming MP3 Files

1. Does Windows 10 computer have an audio trimmer?
Generally, Windows 10 computers don’t have an audio trimmer. However, you can use its “Voice Recorder” to trim your recordings. It is a simple feature if you want to trim your recordings quickly. Keep in mind that this only applies to the audio recording you directly did on the Voice Recorder app.
2. Can I edit back my trimmed MP3 clips into their original file?
Unfortunately, you can’t return the trimmed files to their original status. Unless you have all the clips saved on your device, you can merge them again to create one file. So, we suggest always creating a backup of the original file before you decide to edit it. That way, you can quickly have it back in case you need it.
3. How can I trim a large MP3 file into small parts?
The process will depend on how many clips you want to create from the large MP3 file. If you want to trim video Windows 10 with large file size into five clips, you must drag and click the slider of the trimmer you use five times with different portions of the file. Then, save the audio clips one at a time on your device.

Comparison Chart

Tools Price Installation Package Size Audio Quality
Video Editor Pro $49.95/one-time payment 61.8MB Up to lossless
Audacity Free 67.2MB Up to lossless
Online Audio & MP3 Cutter Free None Same as the original.
Tools Price Installation Package Size Audio Quality
Movavi Video Editor $69.95/one-time payment 95.8MB Up to lossless
Kapwing $16/per month None Up to 320kbps
Adobe Audition CC $20.99/per month 326.8MB Up to lossless

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