How to Change Video Speed Windows 10: 3 Easy Ways!

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Speed up your video and experience a life-changing playback experience. There’s no need to get bored on lengthy videos where you can use a video editor to speed up its playback! You can use Windows Movie Maker and Photos App to increase the speed of your video. With the help of our tutorial, you can quickly follow it without the professional skills required. In addition, we will introduce a great solution to speed up video Windows 10 with the advantage of enhancing the video.
speed up video windows 10
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Adding visual effects can bring your plain video to a new level, the same as watching a video. Adjust the playback speed of a video, like fast-forward or slow motion. It can make the video more interesting to watch. For instance, speeding up a portion of your video can have a comedic effect or help you finish the video quickly. Additionally, speeding a video is a great way to create breathtaking time-lapse videos. So, get your other work done and create a fantastic speed-up video using the following apps in the next part!

The Best Tool to Speed Up Video on Windows 10

Distinctive Feature: It has a Chrome Key feature that allows you to alter the background of the video or overlay a webcam with catchy background effects.
System Requirements: For Processor-1GHz Intel processor or any higher version/ For RAM-1GB or more is preferred/ For HDD-100MB or more is recommended

Video Editor Pro is a robust editing software accessible on Windows or Mac computers. It is loaded with features that you can use to improve your video. Unlike Windows Movie Maker and Photos App, Video Editor Pro provides a wide selection of editing tools. You can merge your videos, overlay transitions, and filters, cut unwanted sections, adjust brightness, or add subtitles. In addition, you can use it to speed up your video to 50.0x its original speed. The best thing about its speed-up feature is that you can adjust the slider according to your desired speed. Also, this tool allows you to split the video and speed up a specific portion. Learn below how to increase video speed Windows 10 with Video Editor Pro.

Free Download
For Win 7 or later (64-bit)
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For macOS 10.12 or later
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Step 1Install the Speed-Up Tool

First, click the left button above to get the Video Editor Pro installer for Windows 10. After that, pass over the setup window until you thoroughly save the software on your device. Once done, let your computer analyze the tool until it appears on the screen. Have a glimpse of its interface below to confirm that you’ve got the right tool.

video editor pro main interface

Step 2Add the Video File

Next, proceed to the tool’s “Media” section and hit the “Import” button. Choose whether you will import a single file or an entire folder. You may also drop the video directly into the video editor as an alternative way. Then, let the video editor analyze your video until it shows up in the media section.

click import, select import file or folder

Step 3Start to Change Video Speed

Move the file into the video timeline through a drag-and-drop process. Then, double-click the video to see other editing settings. Afterward, you can now adjust the video speed. Drag the slider to the right side to increase the speed according to your liking. On the other hand, hit the “OK” button to keep the changes you’ve made.

 double-click video, adjust speed slider, hit ok

Step 4Export and Play Video

Finally, hit the “Export” button under the preview tab and wait until the rendering process is complete. After that, the video will be moved to your local computer. Locate the video and double-click on it. Then, your Windows 10 built-in video player will display the speed-up video.

click export, play video

Edit Video Speed Windows 10 with Windows Movie Maker

Distinctive Feature: The video timeline of the software features a WAV form to easily see where the audio is placed within the video.
System Requirements: For Processor-1GHz Intel, AMD processor or higher/ For RAM-256MB or more/ For HDD-300MB or more

Windows Movie Maker is a built-in video editing program by Microsoft. It was first released on September 14, 2000, and became part of the Windows Essentials suite. The program provides features that can help Windows users edit and create eye-catching videos and publish them on Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, OneDrive, and other platforms. You can use it to merge video Windows 10, increase or decrease the pace of your video, trim segments, mute audio, and more. Over the years, Windows Movie Maker has experienced various updates that improved the program. Also, the software uses a drag-and-drop mechanism for quick and precise video editing. Change speed of video Windows 10 using the guide underneath.

User guide:

  • Pick the video you want to edit and open it on Windows Movie Maker. Then, drag the video to the right side and drop it into the timeline. Adjust the slider to the portion you want to edit the speed, or click the video if you prefer to edit an entire file.
  • After that, hit “Video Tools” on the upper part of the video editor and select the “Edit” tab to launch the editing tools. You can see the “Speed” feature alongside a ”dropdown” icon here. Hit the dropdown icon and choose how much you want to edit video speed Windows 10.
  • You can also do another editing to your video before saving it. If satisfied, hit the “File” icon on the top-left corner and select “Save movie.” Then, choose “For computer” to save the video on your computer.

click video tools, select speed level, hit file and save movie, click for computer

Change Video Speed Windows 10 with Photos App

Distinctive Feature: It allows you to add a title card to your videos with customizable transitions, text fonts and size, and background.
System Requirements: Architecture-x86, x64, and Arm64

Photos App, or Microsoft Photos, is a free photo and video viewer in Windows 8 and 10. Aside from organizing many videos and photos, Photos App offers more! The Photos App helps you to store, share, view, and edit your media files. Yes, Photos App offers basic editing materials that can be helpful in times of rush. Since it is a pre-built organizer and editor, you can instantly speed up or slow down your video. Besides that, you can trim, split, add 3D effects, filters, and texts, rotate, and do many things to beautify your video. Read this article to learn more about the trimming feature of Photos App in Windows 10. Furthermore, its Windows 10 speed up video feature allows you to set the level from slow, normal, and fast.

User guide:

  • Go to your computer’s “Task Bar” and type “Photos App” on the search bar to launch it. Once launched, click the “Video Editor” on the upper menu. Then, hit “New video project” and select the video you want to modify.
  • Following that, add the video to the timeline and right-click on it to access other options. Select the “Edit” button and hit “Speed” from the menu. Now, adjust the clip speed depending only on our requirements.
  • Then, hit the “Finish video” button on the app's top-right corner and select the highest quality available. Finally, click the “Export” button and select the file destination where you like to save the file. You can move to the set folder to double-check the speed-up video.

 photos app speed feature

FAQs About Speed-Up Video

1. Can I speed up the video using shortcut keys?
Yes, you can use your keyboard’s shortcut keys to fast-forward or slow down your video. Hit the “>” shortcut key button to speed up the playback rate. Meanwhile, press the “<” button to slow the playback rate. Keep in mind that this approach is only applicable to video playback. You can only use it while watching your video in real time. That’s how to change playback speed in Windows 10.
2. Does editing video speed affect the video quality?
Altering a video may affect the quality even if you only adjust the speed. So it is essential to use the right editing software, like Video Editor Pro. The tool allows you to set the output quality before exporting the video. With that, you can ensure that you will get the best video quality for your file even after editing it.
3. Can I change back the speed of my video to its default speed?
Turning the speed-up video back to its original speed is a bit complicated, especially if you are unfamiliar with its specific time frame. That’s why we suggest not deleting the original video file in case you need it for other purposes. Also, you can create a backup of all your video files on Google Drive, OneDrive, and other cloud storage to quickly get them if needed.

Comparison Chart

Tools Output Quality Supported Output Formats Limitations
Video Editor Pro Standard and High MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, etc. It may slow down on low-end computers.
Windows Movie Maker Medium and High WMV, WebM, FLV, MP4, etc. The interface is outdated.
Photos App Low, Medium, High Same as the original file. It doesn’t have advanced editing features.

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