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Are you looking for an excellent method to rotate your videos in Windows 10? This is the perfect place for you. Since you can’t rotate and edit video using Windows Media Player without other plugins installed, you have to opt for another tool. This article lists the six methods you can follow to rotate video Windows 10 as detailed as possible. You can permanently modify the orientation of the video and enjoy it without a problem.
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Sometimes, a video looks right on your smartphone when you watch it. However, if you transfer it to your computer and play it, the video has an annoying orientation. It can be sideways or upside down, even with black borders on each side. Also, there are times when the entire video is shot at the wrong angle, making it not correctly aligned when played. Furthermore, rotating your video is the best answer to all your problems. To lessen your editing time, read the details below and follow each step to rotate your videos.

Recommended Ways to Rotate Video File Windows 10

1Free Online Video Rotator

Salient Feature: The online tool doesn’t limit the video size you import for a hassle-free user experience.
Best For: It is best for quick rotating video as you can access it on any device, like computers, smartphones, and more.

The first video rotator for Windows 10 is the Free Online Video Rotator. This tool allows you to save storage space on your computer as you don’t need to install it. With the help of your Windows 10 browser, like Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and others, you can rotate your videos anytime. When it comes to orientation, you can rotate the video to 90 degrees clockwise and counterclockwise or flip it horizontally and vertically. After rotating your video, you can quickly rotate another one without limitation. Check the guide written below to flip video Windows 10 with Free Online Video Rotator.

Step 1Launch the Online Video Rotator

First, go to the Free Online Video Rotator’s official website on your web browser. Once you’ve accessed the website, make familiar with its interface and navigation. Then, proceed to the step below to continue with the process.

free online video rotator interface

Step 2Add the Video

After that, click the “Choose File” icon to bring out your “File Menu” folder. Pick the video you want to rotate and hit “Open” to add it to the online rotator automatically. On the other hand, you can drag and drop the video to the rotator’s box to lessen the importing time. Then, the video will appear alongside the rotating feature.

add video to the tool

Step 3Begin Rotating the Video

Next, click the left or right “Rotate” icons until you have achieved your preferred orientation. You can see the difference in each orientation on the preview monitor. After rotating it, hit the “Format” button to select the output format for the video. Later, “Export” button to save the rotated video file on your Windows 10 computer.

hit rotate icon, select format and click export

Step 4Check and Play Rotated Video

Finally, locate the video in your “Downloads” folder and rename it for quick access. Once done, double-click the video file to play it with a video player. As seen in the image below, the orientation of the video was changed just like the orientation we set in the previous step.

play the rotated video

2VLC Media Player

Salient Feature: The media player allows you to rotate video while playing it in real-time or permanently rotate it.
Best For: It is best used for changing the frame rate and format of the video after rotating.

One of the finest media players for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers have long been VLC. It has many features that are only visible if you explore it. VLC has a screen recorder that lets you capture your computer screen activity and save them as MP4 files. Aside from that, you can use it to rotate your videos in 90, 180, or 270 degrees direction. In addition, you can rotate video in VLC at any orientation angle you choose. If you know how to set up VLC's settings, you can get more out of it. Follow the guide below to learn how to rotate MP4 video Windows 10 using VLC Media Player permanently.

User guide:

  • If you already have the VLC app saved on your Windows 10 computer, open it first. If not, visit the link overhead to install it. Then choose "Convert/Save" from the menu by clicking the "Media" button. Once the window has shown, select the "Add" icon to add the video file you want to rotate.
  • To continue, click the "Convert/Save" option at the bottom. After that, another window will show up. Look through the "Profile" section and click the "wrench" symbol. Hit the "Video codec" tab and uncheck "Keep original video track."
  • Once done, click "Filters" and pick "Video transformation filter" from the list. Tick the "Save" button when finished. Finally, select the destination folder for the output and hit "Start" to rotate the video. Move to the folder and locate the video to check that it is now rotated.

 vlc interface

3Photos App

Salient Feature: It has built-in background music that you can overlay on your videos to add extra elements and make them engaging.
Best For: It is best used for video organizing and sharing.

For Windows 10, there is a free photo and video organizer called the Photos App. Many users use this app to edit and enhance media files, but it also does more! Additionally, it offers straightforward editing capabilities that come in handy while rotating your video. The direction of your movie is entirely under your control until you get your desired angle. Besides that, you can make your video more appealing. You can change the video's speed, trim it, and incorporate text, 3D effects, transitions, and crop videos. Read more over here to uncover how to crop video on Windows 10. Meanwhile, find out the steps underneath to rotate video file Windows 10 with the help of the Photos App.

User guide:

  • Search for “Photos” on the search box of your “Task Bar” and pick the app with the “photos” icon on it. Once launched, go to its upper menu and pick “Video Editor” from the selection. Click the “New video project” and add a name for the project.
  • Then, click the “+Add” button and choose “From this PC” to get the video from your computer. When the video appears, drop it into the storyboard. Hit the “Rotate” icon on the right part of the editing tools.
  • Continue clicking the rotate button until you are satisfied with its orientation. You can check the output on the app’s preview window. Lastly, hit the “Finish video” on the top right corner of the app to keep it.

add video, drop it in the storyboard, hit rotate icon

4Rotate Video

Salient Feature: The tool can rotate video from a URL so that you can rotate video directly from Google Drive, OneDrive, and more.
Best For: It is best for simple video rotating tasks without settings configuration.

Another online tool that you can use to rotate and save video Windows 10 is Rotate Video. No need to settle for complicated software, as this tool offers the fastest way to rotate your favorite videos. You can rotate it 90 degrees counterclockwise, 90 degrees clockwise, or flip it 180 degrees. In addition, you can select the encoding of your video, like universal, normal, or high. That way, you can ensure that the output video quality will not be compromised. The only downside of this tool is it doesn’t have a preview monitor to check your preferred orientation. Check out the listed steps below to rotate your video on Windows 10.

User guide:

  • Click the link of Rotate Video above to open its website. After that, hit the “Choose File” button to see your computer’s folder. Pick the video you like to rotate, and it will automatically go to the tool.
  • Next, select the output format and the rotate direction by hitting the “dropdown” button beside them. You can also modify the encoding for the video before rotating it. Then, click the “Start” button to proceed.
  • When the process is complete, a new window will pop out. You can download the file by hitting the “Download” button. The rotated video will be transferred to your computer’s “Download” folder.

rotate video interface


Salient Feature: It has prebuilt video templates that you can utilize to create a video and save time in the editing process.
Best For: The tool is best for creating professional-looking videos.

Camtasia is a professional video editor and screen recorder in one. It is a helpful software that offers amazing video editing features for Windows 10 users. You can add presets, transitions, annotations, texts, and more to your video. Additionally, you can rotate the video using the most popular orientation or customize your preferred orientation. Furthermore, the tool lets you replace the background of your video and insert other video footage. Also, you can use the tool to record yourself using a web camera and overlay it with the video you want to rotate. See the instructions beneath to rotate video 90 degrees Windows 10.

User guide:

  • Install Camtasia on your computer and start it. Import a video by dragging and dropping it into the tool’s interface. The video will show up on the “Meda” panel once the tool successfully recognizes it.
  • Drop the video in the timeline and click it. After clicking the video, you can see a small handle in the center of the preview of the video. One of the handles indicates a “Center,” and the other end of the handle is for “Rotate.”
  • If you click the “Rotate” handle, it will turn “Green,” meaning you can rotate the video any way you like. Besides, you can put the specific degree you like on the right panel of the tool. Save the rotated video by hitting the “Export” button in the app's upper-right corner.

camtasia rotate feature

6FlexClip Free Online Video Rotator

Salient Feature: You can directly import video from cloud storage, like OneDrive, Google Drive, Google Photos, Dropbox, and others.
Best For: It is best for editing videos with customized backgrounds and filters.

FlexClip Free Online Video Rotator is another tool we recommend to rotate video Windows 10. You can access the tool on the most well-known web browsers, including Chrome, Bing, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and others. You can turn the video to the left or right and flip it horizontally or vertically. To add more, the tool allows you to overlay background music, transitions, filters, subtitles, and more. Besides that, you can also adjust the speed of the video or its brightness. Also, you can crop the video to remove unwanted corners or to make it fit for social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

User guide:

  • Launch FlexClip Free Online Video Rotator on your web browser and hit “Browse Video” to import your video. The video editing window will appear after importing a video. Also, the video will initially go to the tool’s timeline.
  • When done, hit the video and move to the upper part of the tool. Locate the “Transfrom” button and click it. Select the “Rotate” mode from the options and see the result in the preview section.
  • After rotating, you can utilize the tool’s editing features. Go to the left panel and modify the video according to your liking. If satisfied, click the “Export” icon on the upper right corner to store the rotated video on your local computer.

flexclip free online video rotator interface

FAQs About Rotating Video on Windows 10

1. Can I rotate the video with Windows Movie Maker?
You can utilize Windows Movie Maker to rotate your video for the old version of Windows OS. Simply add the video to the tool and expand the timeline view. Then, choose the rotate button between “left” or “right” on the toolbar. Click the mode twice will turn your video upside down. However, Windows Movie Maker was replaced by the “Video Editor” under the Photos App for Windows 10. So instead of Windows Movie Maker, you will use the Photos App to rotate video in Windows 10.
2. Can I rotate the MOV file on Windows 10?
Although MOV is generally a format for QuickTime, which is the default file format of Apple Inc. for iOS users, you can still rotate MOV video on Windows 10. Windows 10 OS accepts the most popular formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, and others. You can transfer your MOV video to Windows 10 computer and use a rotating tool to modify the orientation of your video.
3. How can I rotate the video at 180 degrees?
On the rotating feature of the tool you use, select “180 degrees” from the option. The direction may be different depending on the tool you use. If the tool you use doesn’t have a premade rotating mode, hit the “Rotate” icon until you achieve the 180 degrees angle. After that, save the video on your device.

Comparison Chart

Tools Supported Format Other Feature Output Quality
Free Online Video Rotator MP4, WebM, AVI, MOV, and more None Same as the original file.
VLC Media Player MP4, TS, SWF, FLV, and more Video converter Up to 4K
Photos App Same as the original file. Image editor Up to 1080P
Tools Supported Format Other Feature Output Quality
Rotate Video MP4, MKV, M4V, 3GP, and more None Same as the original file.
Camtasia MP4, MOV, AVI, FLC, and more Screen recorder Up to 4K
FlexClip Free Online Video Rotator MP4, AVI, TS, MOV, and more Audio editor Same as the original file.

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