6 Ways to Play YouTube Video Backwards - No Skills Required

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Reverse video is so amusing, especially if it is done in the most creative and fun way. It is a technique nowadays that has become a trend for YouTube videos. Curious about how to do it? We have the best software to create and play reverse YouTube video. In addition to that, we collected five online tools with a simple tutorial on how to use them to better guide you through reversing video.
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YouTube is the home of numerous videos and music content. It has all types of videos daily, from news, comedy, romance, music, lifestyle, and others. YouTube has everything to offer. You can watch all these videos in any way you want to, including playing them in reverse. The best thing about playing YouTube videos in reverse is that it lets you track back to the part you didn’t understand or missed. However, YouTube doesn’t have a reverse feature, and that’s where the video reverser comes in. Find out all about them by continuously scrolling down!

Best Method to Reverse YouTube Video

Video Editor Pro is the recommended tool that can reverse a YouTube video and other types of video in the most advanced way. The software has professional features that can make your videos fun and eye-catching. You can reverse a video in just one click and without other demands, unlike other tools that need many setups before you can reverse a video. In addition, it lets you adjust the speed of the video, such as speeding up or slowing down its pace for a unique output. Besides that, you can edit the background of the video with its “Chroma Key” feature. Then, you can use its editing tools to add filters, merge video Windows 10, overlay a watermark, and more. Read and follow the detailed tutorial below to play your favorite YouTube video in reverse with Video Editor Pro.

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Step 1Get the YouTube Video Reverser

Before anything else, ensure the Video Editor Pro is installed on your Windows or Mac computer. To do this, tick the “Download” button above that matches your computer OS. Run the installer and pass over the setup box successfully. Once the software is installed, it will appear on your computer screen with the same user interface below.

video editor pro main interface

Step 2Add the YouTube Video

Next, download the YouTube video on your computer and relaunch the video reverser. Then, drag the video into the “Media” tab to quickly import the YouTube video. Also, you may hit the “Import” button to launch your “File Menu” and select the video. Afterward, the video reverser will start to recognize your video.

hit import and add video

Step 3Start to Reverse YouTube Video

Drop the file into the “Video” timeline and double-click it. Then, the other editing features will appear on the top-left part of the software. Adjust the speed of the video according to your preference. After that, tick the box next to the “Reverse” section, and the tool will begin reversing your YouTube video.

put video in the timeline, adjust speed and hit reverse

Step 4Export the Reversed YouTube Video

Now, prepare the reversed video to be exported. Hit the “Export” button to launch the output settings list under the “Preview” monitor. Here, rename the video, select the output folder and format, and set the video quality to “High.” Finally, hit the “Export” button and wait for the rendering process to end.

edit output settings and hit export

Step 5Play the Reversed YouTube Video

Lastly, go to the designated folder that you’ve selected and search for the reversed YouTube video. Play the video using your computer’s media player. You can reverse the video to its default pace using the same steps above. That’s how easily you can reverse YouTube videos with Video Editor Pro.

play the reversed youtube video

Alternative Tools to Play YouTube Video Backwards Online


Ezgif is a tool that you can use to reverse YouTube video online. This online-based tool can automatically reverse YouTube videos using its URL. Meanwhile, if the YouTube video is already saved on your computer, you can drop it into the tool to reverse it. Ezgif comes with other features that you can utilize to step up your plain videos. You can mute, crop, resize, split, add text or effects, and much more. Additionally, the tool supports many video formats, including MP4, AVI, FLV, MOV, WebM, and others. The only disadvantage of this tool is it has a file size limitation of 100 MB. Still, it is a recommended tool for quick video reverse tasks.

User guide:

  • Launch the official website of Ezvid using the link above. Then, hit the “Video to GIF” from the upper menu to access the editing options. Since we are reversing a YouTube video, hit the “Reverse” option.
  • After that, the reverse feature of the tool will resurface on the landing page. Hit the “Choose File” button if the YouTube video is saved on your computer. On the other hand, you can also copy the YouTube URL and paste it into the URL box.
  • Next, edit the video using the tool’s basic editing features. Also, you can select if you want to reverse the sound of the YouTube or mute it. Finally, hit the “Reverse video!” button to start the process. The processed video will be moved to your computer.

ezgif reverse video interface

2Clideo Reverse Video

Another tool to play YouTube video backwards online is Clideo Reverse Video. Clideo Reverse Video is accessible on Windows or Mac computers and smartphones. It offers various speeds: reverse video in real-time, slow motion, and extra fast. You can select from the three modes to watch your favorite YouTube video in reverse. Furthermore, the online reverser supports many formats, such as MP4, VOB, MOV, WMV, AVI, and others. Another fantastic function of Clideo Reverse Video is to mute the reversed video or convert it to any supported format. Follow this tool's steps below to learn how to reverse YouTube videos.

User guide:

  • Open the link above on your web browser, like Chrome, Bing, or Firefox. Once on the landing page, hit the “Choose File” icon and import the YouTube video. You can also input the video’s URL on the URL tab.
  • Then, Clideo Reverse Video will analyze your video and move you to the editing window. Select the reverse speed from 0.5x, 1x, or 2x. Also, decide whether you want to mute the video and choose the output format.
  • After that, hit the “Export” button to render the video. A “Download” option will appear once the rendering process is finished. Hit that button to keep the video on your device. You can now enjoy playing the YouTube video backward.

clideo reverse video interface


Kapwing is a professional online tool that can play YouTube video in reverse. It is a feature-packed online video reverser that you can use without hidden charges. Here, you can improve your YouTube videos before reversing them quickly. It has many templates, filters, audio, layers, and more that you can insert into your video. Also, you can modify the speed of the video, allowing you to create a fast-paced reverse video. Besides, you can trim, crop, rotate, split, merge, and adjust the audio settings of your video. Kapwing is the recommended tool if you are looking for an online tool that offers impressive features.

User guide:

  • Hit the embedded link above this step to access the official website of Kapwing on your computer’s browsers. Create an account if you are a new user. After that, you will access the editing window of Kapwing. Before the next step, ensure that the YouTube video is saved on your computer.
  • Then, import it on Kapwing’s interface by hitting the “Add Media” icon. When finished, the video will automatically go on the tool’s timeline. Double-click the file on move your way to the right part of the tool.
  • Scroll down until you see the “Speed” feature. Hit the “-” or “+” icon to adjust the video speed. Afterward, tick the “Reverse” button to reverse your video. If satisfied, click the “Export Project” button to save the reversed YouTube video to your local computer.

kapwing reverse feature

4Movavi Reverse Video Online

Movavi Reverse Video Online allows you to reverse your videos in a few steps. You can reverse YouTube videos as long as it is already on your local computer. Also, you can process other videos in MOV, MKV, MP4, WMV, AVI, and other formats. Moreover, Movavi Reverse Video Online allows you to modify and watch YouTube video in reverse with up to 500 MB in file size. Do not worry about your security using this tool because they are all protected, and no third-party sites or users can access them. If you are a beginner, this is a suitable online tool because it doesn’t require professional skills to reverse a video.

User guide:

  • Use your web browser to visit the Movavi Reverse Video Online official website. To quickly launch it, click the displayed link overhead. Next, click the "Add Your File" button on the landing page to view your file folder.
  • To add a YouTube video, select the one you wish to reverse, then click "Open." After importing the video, the online tool will automatically reverse, including the audio. It will only take a few seconds for the reverse process to end.
  • Finally, a new window will open up where you can save the video. To keep the reversed video, select the "Download with Watermark" button. If you wish to eliminate the watermark, upgrade to the premium version.

movavi reverse video online

5Adobe Reverse Video

Adobe Reverse Video is the final tool that can help you play YouTube video backwards. This is different from your usual Adobe app with complicated features and plugins. Here, you can reverse YouTube videos without other settings or complex setups. Adobe Reverse Video supports popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, Bing, Firefox, and others. Plus, you can select from different speed options and preview the changes in real-time. What is more, you can get rid of the boring part of the video with its trimming tool. Then, you can also mute the video's audio to remove the sound. Observe the guide below to reverse your YouTube videos and play them.

User guide:

  • Open Adobe Reverse Bideo’s website in your web browsers to start reversing a video. To improve your workflow, you can read about the product's features and functions on its website. After that, import your video by hitting the “Upload” icon.
  • Import your YouTube video and wait for the tool to process it. Once finished, you will see the reverse features on the right side of the tool. Select the speed for the process and enable the “Mute” icon depending on your requirements.
  • Ultimately, hit the “Download” button to save the reversed YouTube video. Check on it under the “Downloads” folder of your computer. Enjoy watching the YouTube video backwards.

adobe reverse video interface

Extra Tip: Tips to Customize Reversed Videos

  • Add effects and filters. Adding effects and filters to your reversed video can uplift its mood and make them more attractive. It is a great way to enhance the color, reduce the light, cover up a mistake, and more.
  • Portray unique video editing tricks. Traditional editing tools are trim, merge, cut, rotate, resize, and crop. Aside from them, you can try something new, like overlaying videos, creating freeze frames, sample colors, panning essential details, and more.
  • Use transitions. While various video crowds many video-sharing platforms, like YouTube, you can make your video unique by transforming them with a slideshow or some 3D effects. That way, they will stand out among the others and will gain more view.
  • Export to high video quality. This is the essential tip you need to consider. Exporting and saving your reversed video to high quality, like 1080P or 4K, can help you maximize the details of the video. Also, the quality will not be affected if you share the video online.


You can immediately reverse YouTube videos thanks to the technologies behind reversers like Video Editor Pro. It is the ideal option for everyone if you want to become a creative & professional video creator. The tool can satisfy all your needs in reversing a video in a few clicks. Meanwhile, if you want a simple tool to reverse video, you can use Ezgif, Clideo Reverse Video, Kapwing, Movavi Reverse Online Video, and Adobe Reverse Video. As a tip, ensure the requirements you need in selecting the right tool to get the suitable tool for you.

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