Tutorial: Reverse Video Movie Maker and Bonus Alternatives

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Playing videos in reverse is interesting as it makes it fun and creative. If you are looking for ways to reverse a video, you can do it with the help of Windows Movie Maker. Yes, you can reverse video Windows Movie Maker. However, the process takes time, so we are here to guide you in using the app. Furthermore, we have another part that you can use as an alternative to Windows Movie Maker. These video editing apps can effectively reverse your videos most creatively.
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Editing a video is beneficial to many video buffs out there. Others do it for a living, while some do it for personal use to make their video more eye-catching. One technique that many video editors widely love is reverse video. It’s a fantastic way to rewind the video you shot or play the parts you missed. Moreover, the app you must use for the job is essential since selecting the wrong app may affect the process and the final output. So, read the details below to discover how to reverse your video with Windows Movie Maker and its best alternatives!

How to Reverse Video with Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is the built-in editing app for Windows 7 and below. You can create short films, apply unique filters, trim unnecessary portions, add texts, crop, rotate, and others. Besides that, you can use Windows Movie Maker to create a reverse video manually. You can make a reverse video by extracting frames from your videos and merging them into one file. That’s because Windows Movie Maker does not have a “video reverser” feature. So, the process will be hand in hand and thorough. It may sound complicated but follow the steps below to discover how reverse video Movie Maker works.

User Guide:

  • Type “Windows Movie Maker” on your Windows computer’s “Task Bar” and launch the app. After that, drop the video you want to reverse into the tool or hit the “Add videos and photos” button on the tool’s editing panel. Then, drag the video clip into the left side of the app to launch the file’s timeframe.

hit add videos and photos button, import video

  • Next, drag the slider to the left side and find your first frame. You can preview the video frame by frame by clicking the “Previous” and “Next” buttons. Afterward, screenshot the frame by hitting the “Snapshot” button from the editing panel. Repeat the same method on your next frames and keep the screenshots in a single folder. Once done, move to the “Edit” tab of the tool and import all the images you’ve taken.

select frame, hit previous and next button

  • Put the photos in the video timeline with the correct sequence of the reverse video and input the target duration on the “Duration” field. Then, remove the existing video and leave behind the photos. Hit the “Play” icon on the preview panel to see if you’ve achieved the correct time ratio. Finally, save the reversed video on your computer.

play and save reversed video

Four Alternative Ways to Play Video Backwards

1Video Editor Pro

Pricing Plan: $9.95/per month, $39.95/per year, $49.95/lifetime license
User Group: It is best for beginners and professional video editors looking for a tool to reverse a video in one click.

If you are in a rush to create a reverse video, Windows Movie Maker is not recommended because taking screenshots of each frame will take time. So, we recommend utilizing Video Editor Pro, which gives you the advantage of reversing your video in one click. Video Editor Pro lets you control the playback speed of the reverse video to make it more entertaining. You can use the tool to reverse YouTube video, short clips, TikTok videos, and more. Compared to Windows Movie Maker, the tool provides many advanced features for enhancing your videos. Its numerous filters, transitions, overlays, music, text, and other elements can make your reverse video more professional-looking. Observe the steps underneath to use the Windows video editor reverse clip tool.

Free Download
For Win 7 or later (64-bit)
Secure Download
Free Download
For macOS 10.12 or later
Secure Download

Step 1Launch the Alternative Tool of Windows Movie Maker

You can install the Video Editor Pro by clicking the compatible "Download" buttons overhead. Afterward, a configuration window will appear on your screen when you press the download button. Follow the instructions in that window to the end to successfully install the software. Once done, open the Video Editor Pro.

video editor pro main interface

Step 2Add the File Into the Tool

Next, double-click the top-left side of the software to open your computer's "File Menu." Select the video you want to reverse and add it to the tool. On the other hand, you can also hit the "Import" button if you're going to import an entire folder or a single file.

double-click the tool, hit import file or folder

Step 3Begin Reversing Your Video

Drag the video to the tool's timeline after successfully importing it. When finished, double-click the file to bring up a new editing window on the tool's upper left side. Select "Reverse" from the menu, then hit "OK" to confirm the action. The program will then begin to reverse your video. After the process, you can edit and enhance your video depending on your liking before exporting it.

hit reverse to process the video

Step 4Export and Render the Video

Now, click the "Export" button beneath the preview window to see the "Export settings." First, rename the file and choose the destination folder to locate it instantly. After that, select the video format of your choice and set the quality to "High" for a precise outcome. Then, click the "Export" button to render and keep the reversed video file on your computer.

edit output settings, hit export button

Step 5Play the Reversed Video

Lastly, go to the output folder that you set and find the reversed video. Play the video using a media player and enjoy watching it. You can also share the video on video-sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and others. If you want to reverse another video quickly, follow all the steps above.

locate output folder, play reversed video


Pricing Plan: $6/per month for basic plan, $16/per month for pro plan
User Group: It is essential for users who want to edit videos with prebuilt templates.

Kapwing is a dependable tool that only operates online available on Google Chrome, Firefox, Bing, and other web browsers. The tool allows you to add audio, texts, callouts, pictures, subtitles, and other features to your video. Unlike Windows Movie Maker, which only supports videos and images, you can paste a video URL or import a file from Google Drive and reverse it here. In addition, you may alter the video's pace from 0.5X to 2X speed to adjust it. Also, you can instantly silence the video's audio if you decide not to include it. Read the user guide below to learn how the Windows video editor reverse video online tool works.

User Guide:

  • Open Kapwing's official website on your computer's web browser. Then, create a new account using your email since you are a new user. After that, the video editor's window will appear.
  • Hit the "Add Media" button in the middle part of the tool and import the video. Next, put the video file in the timeline and click it. Once done, the essential editing tools will appear on the left side.
  • Scroll down on the editing tools until you see the "Speed" option. Adjust the video speed by clicking the "-" and "+" icons. Afterward, reverse your video by hitting the box beside the "Reverse" option. Lastly, move to the upper part of the tool and hit the "Export Project" button to store the reversed video on your device.

kapwing reverse feature

3VSDC Video Editor

Pricing Plan: $19.99/lifetime license
User Group: Recommended for users creating tutorials and video reviews because of its built-in screen recorder.

VSDC Video Editor is the final tool we recommend to reverse a video. It is a complete suite that offers a variety of unique features for video editing. For example, the video background can be changed to a more amazing element or removed with its Chroma Key feature. Plus, you can change, do color correction, or add effects, captions, shapes, or transitions. With this tool, you can either manually reverse your video while maintaining its default speed or adjust the speed. You can also stabilize shaky clips, include audio comments, or activate motion tracking, making it better to use than Windows Movie Maker. To assist you in using the Windows video editor reverse video tool, check the following tutorial.

User Guide:

  • First, hit the anchor text above and download the video editor on your device. Launch the program and select "Add File" under the "Project" tab. Choose a video from your computer and add it to the software.
  • Next, access the editing menu on the right side of the software. Select "Playing Backwards" under the "Properties" tab. Once you select that option, the extended settings will appear.
  • To use the reverse playing option, select "Yes." Then, check the output on the preview monitor. Finally, select "Save" and pick the video resolution and format. Hit the video "Save" button again to export the reversed video to your device.

videopad video editor interface

4VideoPad Video Editor

Pricing Plan: $9.95/lifetime license for home edition, $69.96/lifetime license for master's edition
User Group: Best for users who want to save videos directly on Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.

VideoPad Video Editor is a completely functional software for Windows and Mac users. The tool lets you edit videos from DV camcorders, GoPro cameras, webcams, and other supported devices. Besides that, it offers a variety of features, like clip transitions, texts, effects, Chroma Key, logos, and other options. Additionally, you can reverse your videos with a customizable speed. You may instantly publish your video output to YouTube, one of its distinctive features and something you can't do with Windows Movie Maker. To reverse the video using this Windows video editor play backwards software; refer to the instructions below.

User Guide:

  • Get the installer for the software from its website using the link above. After the downloading process, launch the tool and become familiar with it. Then, click the "Add Files" button in the tool's upper-left corner.
  • When you import a video, the tool's editing timeline will quickly show it. Later, right-click the video and decide whether you want to keep or remove the audio. Right-click the video once more, and then select "Adjust Effects" from the menu.
  • Then, select "Speed Change," and two-speed menu will appear. Since we are playing a video backward, select the "Play clip backward" option and wait for it to load. You can watch a preview on the playback display or directly save it when finished.

vsdc video editor interface

FAQs About Reversing a Video

1. Can I use Windows Movie Maker in Windows 10 to reverse a video?
Unfortunately, Windows Movie Maker is not available on Windows 10 and later versions. The “Photos App” replaced the app, which also has a video editor within. You can use the Photos App to do basic editing to your videos. Like the Windows Movie Maker, you have to take a screenshot of each frame and arrange them into the timeline to create a reverse video.
2. Can I play video in reverse on a Mac computer?
Mac has a built-in media player called QuickTime that also works as a simple video editing app. You can use the app to reverse your videos on Mac, but the setup is complicated. So if you want to reverse a video quickly, you can install the Video Editor Pro’s Mac version. That way, the reverse process can be completed in a few clicks.
3. How can I reverse a video on VLC?
VLC doesn’t offer a reverse feature. You can only play the video backward or forward while watching the video in real-time. This is a great option if you don’t want to permanently reverse a video. Meanwhile, you can also use VLC to play the permanently reversed videos that you created.

Comparison Chart of the Windows Movie Maker’s Alternatives

Tools Supported Video Quality Supported Output Format Other Features
Video Editor Pro 720P, 1080P, and 4K MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, and more You can edit and change the cover of your video.
Kapwing 720P and 1080P MP4, MP3, GIF, PNG, and JPG It allows you to automatically add subtitles to your video.
VideoPad Video Editor 720P, 1080P, 2K, and more MP4, WMV, OGM, MOV, and more It lets you burn the video to DVD to watch it on another device.
VSDC Video Editor 720P, 1080P, and 4K MP4, WebM, AVI, MOV, and more You can capture video from webcams, IP cameras, and other devices and save them on your computer.

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