Top 5 Recommended Video Merger Software for Windows 10

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Are you searching for effective ways to merge your videos in Windows 10? Worry not because we’ve got all the solutions you need. Short video clips or lengthy videos, you can merge them all to create one big file. To help you with that, we cover five video editing tools with a step-by-step guide to show you how to merge video Windows 10. You can pick the most credible one to combine your videos quickly!
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Creating videos is becoming more famous nowadays, especially since most smartphones have excellent HD cameras. This leads to an increased number of people who want to edit their videos before sharing them with their loved ones or on their social media accounts. Of course, shooting one video is not enough, so most people have many files before they know it. Moreover, it's a waste if you only pick one to share. So, you can use a video merger to combine your videos in Windows 10. To save time searching for the right tool, check the details below!

The Best Way to Combine Videos Windows 10

Pricing Plan: $49.95/lifetime payment
System Requirements: For Processor-1GHz Intel processor or any higher version/ For RAM-1GB above preferred/ For HDD-100MB or more is preferred

Video Editor Pro is an impressive tool. It is a well-established video editor that can merge MP3 Windows 10 and many video clips you want into one. The best thing about using a video editor over a plain video merger is you can enhance your video to make it eye-catching. To name a few, you can trim unwanted parts and acquire only the section you need. Also, you can apply filters and add transitions, subtitles, effects, and more to make your video more professional-looking. Then, using a drag-and-drop process, you can quickly merge your videos and export them to the highest quality possible. Learn how this video joiner Windows 10 works by reading the steps below.

Free Download
For Win 7 or later (64-bit)
Secure Download
Free Download
For macOS 10.12 or later
Secure Download

Step 1Get the Video Merger for Windows 10

Two installer versions are provided overhead, but since our goal is to merge video in Windows 10, click the left button to acquire the installer for Windows. Then, let your computer analyze the installer until the wizard window appears. Pass over them to fully get the tool. Afterward, launch the Video Editor Pro and hit the “New Project” button to start.

video editor pro main interface

Step 2Import Video Clips

For the next step, hit the ”Import” button under the “Media” tab to access the file source. You can import a single file, or if the video clips are in one folder, you can hit the “Import folder” to import the clips quickly. Once done, the video clips will appear on the media tab.

 hit import, select import file or folder, check video

Step 3Start Merging Videos on Windows 10

Now, drag the video clips one at a time and drop them into the tool’s timeline panel. Make sure to drop them under the “Video” section. Also, remember to drop each video beside one other to combine them. Afterward, you can edit your videos depending on your liking. If you are only eager to merge the videos, you may proceed by hitting the “Export” button. Clicking the export button will automatically merge the video clips into one.

drop videos on timeline, hit export

Step 4Watch the Merge Video

Finally, go to your computer’s “Video” folder and locate the merged video. Play the video using your Windows 10 media player. The video will also increase in length since we merge two video clips. If you notice in the image below, the video is now 50 seconds. In comparison, the first original clip that you imported is just 11 seconds. That’s how easily you can merge videos with Video Editor Pro.

play video on media player

Other Solutions to Merge Two Videos Windows 10

1Photos App

Pricing Plan: The tool is completely free for Windows 10 users.
System Requirements: For Processor-x86, x64, and Arm64/ For RAM-2GB or higher/ For HDD-500MB or more

Photos App is a media organizer that allows you to browse, edit, and arrange photos. It is a prebuilt app for Windows 8 to Windows 11 users. Apart from images, you can also use the app to edit videos. The video editing feature of the app can merge video clips with other options to improve it. You can cut segments, rotate, adjust volume, add title cards, and others. Besides that, you can speed up your videos on Windows 10. Read more this page to know how you can speed up videos. Furthermore, the app has prebuilt background music, or you can upload your preferred music and sync it to the video. Use the guide below to learn how to combine video clips Windows 10 with Photos App.

User guide:

  • Hit the “Search” bar on the “Start Menu” of your computer and type “Photos.” Once you see the result, hit the app from the menu to launch it. Then, click the “Video Editor” on the top menu to access the video editing feature.
  • After that, hit the “New video project” and name the video output. Once done, click the “+Add” button and select “From this PC” to get the video clips from your computer. Next, drag and drop the video clips one at a time into the timeline. Ensure to drop the video clips into the sequence you need.
  • You can double-click on the files when all the video clips are already on the free video joiner Windows 10 timeline to enhance or trim them. If satisfied, you can merge them by hitting the “Finish video” button on the app's top-right corner. This will initially merge and save the video on your computer, where you can enjoy it.

photos app interface


Pricing Plan: The software is free to utilize.
System Requirements: For Processor-x86-64 Intel or AMD/ For RAM-at least 4GB/ For HDD-500MB or more

Shotcut is a fantastic Windows editing program that allows you to edit a video completely. Apart from Windows, you can also use the tool on Mac or Linux, as the software is a cross-platform video editor. With Shotcut, combining video clips is a snap. You can do it quickly and give your videos a polished look by incorporating transitions, overlays, and other features. Despite being a free tool, it has many unique features, like adjusting speed and audio settings, adding text, cutting parts or use it as a video merger to join video clips. As a result, users can greatly enhance their videos before merging. The steps below are listed to help you merge two videos Windows 10.

User guide:

  • Install Shotcut on your computer by clicking the link above. Make sure to get the Windows-suitable version for your computer OS. After the installation, open the app and acquaint yourself with its interface and functions.
  • Next, hover over to the “File” button and click “Open Files” to select the video clips you want to import. You can import many video clips as you like. Then, drag a video into the timeline panel and repeat the same process for the other videos.
  • Line up the second video clip with the first clip. After that, you can tweak the file settings, including the resolution, aspect ratio, frame rate, and others. To merge the videos, click the “Export File” button. This will also automatically save the final output on your computer.

shotcut interface


Pricing Plan: $49/per month
System Requirements: For Processor-multi-core processor with 64-bit support/ For RAM-8GB or more/ For HDD-3GB and higher is preferred

If you use Windows, you may effortlessly combine numerous videos with Animaker's video merging feature! For those unfamiliar with Animaker, it is a complete DIY video-making tool created to assist non-professional editors in producing high-quality videos from the comfort of their web browsers. Suppose you use one of these browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer. In that case, you may effortlessly merge video files Windows 10. In addition, the online tool offers 100GB of cloud storage to store your videos to access them on any device quickly and anywhere you like. Find out how to merge your videos with Animaker through the guide beneath.

User guide:

  • Open Animaker’s official website and log in to your account. Pick the video dimensions, like horizontal, vertical, and square. If needed, you can customize the video size by hitting the “Custom Size Video” button.
  • Then, upload the video clips by hitting the “Upload” button on the bottom-left panel of the tool. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the videos to upload them quickly. The video will go to the “Scene” section, and you can add other scenes.
  • To do so, hit the “+” icon on the bottom of the existing scene and hit another uploaded video to add it to the new scene. Do the same process for the other video clips you like to merge. Finally, you can preview the video or directly save it by hitting the “Publish” button. The finished video will be saved on your account’s cloud storage.

animaker interface

4Clideo Merge Videos

Pricing Plan: $72/annual payment
System Requirements: Chrome on Windows version 108.0.5359.124

Add audio and merge numerous video clips, photos, and files with Clideo Merge Videos. Any amount of videos can be combined in just a few steps. This is the recommended tool if you are a beginner who doesn’t want to experience a complicated learning curve. Also, it is made easier to adjust the crop settings, preferred aspect ratio, and output formats. Besides that, you can add music to your project to complete the video's mood. Then, importing video clips is more effortless because you can import videos from Google Drive and Dropbox. A tutorial is provided below to help you combine videos in Windows 10.

User guide:

  • Hit the link above to launch the tool’s official website. Then, click the “Choose files” button to import videos from your local computer. Meanwhile, click the “drop-down” icon to import from your Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • After importing a video, the video editing window will appear. To add more videos, hit the “Add more files” button located under the preview section. The new video will be placed beside the first video.
  • Depending on your liking, you can modify the audio, ratio, and other settings. Once everything is done, hit the “Export” button on the bottom part to save the video on your computer. You can locate the video in your device's “Downloads” folder.

clideo merge videos interface

FAQs About Merging Videos

1. Can I merge videos with Windows Media Player?
You can’t utilize the Windows Media Player alone to merge multiple video clips to create one file. Instead, you must install the “Windows Media Joiner” app on your computer. It is a separate tool that you have to get from Microsoft Store. Then, you can use the video merger software for Windows 10 to combine videos and play them on the Windows Media Player.
2. Can I combine 10 video clips?
Yes, you can combine 10 video clips or more into one. As long as the video merger you use doesn’t have a limit, you can take advantage of it. If you are using a free trial video editor, there’s a chance that it will limit you to the number of videos you will merge. So, we recommend using the Video Editor Pro to merge numerous videos without limit.
3. Can I combine videos with Windows Movie Maker?
It is possible to combine clips with Windows Media Maker. To achieve this, launch the software and add the video clips you wish to merge by clicking the ”Add Videos and Photos.” button on the tool’s upper panel. Afterward, you can arrange them in any sequence you like before saving the entire project as one file.

Comparison Chart

Tools Output Quality Output Format Interface Language
Video Editor Pro Up to 4K MP4, WMV, MOV, AVI, etc. English, French, Deutsch, Portuguese, and more
Photos App Up to 1080P Same as the original file. English, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, and more
Shotcut Up to 1080P MP4, SWF, FLV, MOV, etc. English, Japanese, Dansk, Hindu, and more
Animaker Up to 2K MP4, WebM, MOV, MPG, etc. English, Polski, Netherlands, French, and more
Clideo Merge Videos Up to 1080P MP4, AVI, MPG, VOB, etc. English, French, Spanish, Italian, and more

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