How to Crop a Video Windows 10 With Detailed Steps

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Refrain from stressing out yourself if your video has unwanted borders. You can find many answers on the internet on how to crop videos on Windows 10, but not all are effective. So, we have gathered the five best solutions to help crop your videos in any area you want. Even if you want to crop your video using a web-based tool or software, we listed the best option for you. Gather your videos around to make the process more convenient!
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If you shot the perfect video for your Instagram Reels but got problems posting it, the video's aspect ratio might be the problem. Instagram automatically crops your video to fit; most of the time, the best part has been cropped away. Furthermore, the best thing you can do before uploading your videos is to crop them yourself. That way, you can maintain the important part of the video. This is just one of the few scenarios why you need to crop a video. Learn how you can crop video Windows 10 in the next part.

The Best Ways to Crop Video in Windows 10

1Video Editor Pro

Distinctive Feature: You can overlay another video on an existing video and create a picture-in-picture effect.
Pricing Plan: $49.95/lifetime license

Video Editor Pro is undoubtedly the most effective and popular video cropper Windows 10. You can edit your video using its advanced video editing features. It enables you to complete any video cropping task with the customizable ratio you need. Even if you need the aspect ratio for Instagram or other platforms, you can crop your video effortlessly. To add more, the software allows you to add various effects, transitions, filters, and elements to make your video even more pleasing. Besides that, you can add original texts and titles to your videos or merge clips to create one file. You can read this article to learn more about how you can merge videos on Windows 10. Meanwhile, to crop your videos in Windows 10, follow the walkthrough below.

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Step 1Get the Video Cropper for Windows 10

You must first install the Video Editor Pro on your Windows 10 computer. To start, hit the left button above to get the installer for Windows OS. Then, do the setup and run the program to launch it. Familiarize the tool’s main interface and buttons to catch up with the following steps underneath easily.

video editor pro main interface

Step 2Add the Video To the Tool

Next, click the “Import” button to import the video under the “Media” tab. You can import a single file manually or the whole folder with all the videos you need to crop. The video will resurface on the media tab once the tool recognizes it.

hit import button, click import file or folder

Step 3Start Cropping the Video

Afterward, drag and drop the video on the timeline panel. Once the video is on the timeline, click it and move to the essential editing function above the timeline. Hit the “Crop” icon to access the cropping feature. Drag the border on the area of the video you want until you achieve your desired ratio. Then, hit “OK” to apply it.

drop video on timeline, hit crop icon, adjust area and hit okay

Step 4Save and View the Cropped Video

Finally, click the “Export” button beneath the preview tab. The “Export” window will appear, where you can name the video and select the output folder and format. Also, set the quality to “High” for high-quality output. If satisfied, click the “Export” button to render and save the video. To play it, move to your chosen folder and double-click the video. As you notice in the image below, the video is now cropped.

adjust format and other settings, hit export, play video


Distinctive Feature: You can remove the unwanted background of your video using its “Chroma Kry Effect” effect.
Pricing Plan: $15.99/lifetime license

Animotica is another Windows video editor tool that will help you with various editing tasks. Because of how quickly it works, you can finish creating your video in just 5 minutes. You can remove any area of your video with this tool or apply a preset size to meet any video-sharing website, like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and more. Additionally, you can apply different transitions, effects, filters, texts, and other elements to your video. Another fantastic feature of Animotica is exporting your finished videos in 1080P or 4K resolution for a crystal-clear result. To crop a video Windows 10 with Animotica, adhere to the process below.

User guide:

  • Click the link above to move to the official website of Animotica. Get the installer for Windows and launch the app after the installation process. Once you are on the tool’s main interface, hit the “Project Prepare Tools.”
  • Then, click the “Edit Video” option and hit “Select a Video File.” Navigate to the video you want to crop and import it to the tool. Afterward, hit the video thumbnail to see the available editing tools. Click the “Crop” button and designate an area to crop.
  • The crop feature can crop your video in the video frame's bottom, top, right, and left corners. Lastly, save the video by ticking the “Save Video” button. Select the resolution, bit rate, and output folder. After that, the video will be stored on your device.

animotica crop feature


Distinctive Feature: It has premade videos with different themes, like business, background, wedding, abstract, and others, that you can overlay on your video.
Pricing Plan: $9.99 per month and is billed annually

Cropping videos on Windows 10 without installing software is made easy with FlexClip. FlexClip enables you to crop, trim, merge, split, speed up, and add captions to videos effortlessly. Even if you're a beginner or a professional, you can use FlexClip to beautify your videos. If you want to crop undesirable areas from the video frame, there are two ways you can do it: crop the video at a fixed ratio or adjust the size easily. The tool has a built-in ratio that you can use or customize on your own. Besides, you can save videos in popular formats after cropping, including MP4, MOV, AVI, and more. Learn below how to crop video in Windows 10 with FlexClip.

User guide:

  • Open the official website of FlexClip and create an account to enter the video editor. After that, tick the “Create a Video” button and go to the “Media” option. Hit the “Local Files” button to add the video you want to crop or drop directly to the tool.
  • Next, drag the video into the timeline and click on it. Move to the upper part of the tool and locate the “Crop” icon. Hit that icon and adjust the border to alter the video size you like or select from the premade ratio in different shapes.
  • After cropping the video, level up your video with texts, background music, animations, and other elements. Finally, hit the “Export” on the top-left corner of the tool to keep the video. You can now share your video or play it with a Windows media player.

flexclip interface


Distinctive Feature: You can overlay graphic icons, images, videos, and other elements to your video and make it a high-level production video.
Pricing Plan: $119.99/per year

Few people are aware that Canva, a hugely popular visual and online graphic design tool, can also be used for basic video editing. If Canva already has your video templates loaded, it will be simple to edit them. You can crop your video depending on the area you want to remove without affecting its original quality. Additionally, you can utilize the tool to completely mute or reduce your video's audio. You can access the tool through Google Chrome or other online browsers on your computer, so there is no need to worry about cropping a video in Windows 10. Find out below how this excellent Windows video editor crop screen works.

User guide:

  • Open the official Canva website by clicking the overhead link. Afterward, go to the tool's left panel and choose "Uploads" from the selection. Pick the video you wish to crop by clicking the "Upload files" button.
  • The video will then be loaded on Canva. In the tool's bottom right corner, drag the video into the storyboard. Then, move to the preview section and click the video to access the crop and other features.
  • Finally, click the "Crop" button in the tool's upper corner. Crop the video according to your liking by dragging the borders. Once done, click the "Share" button and hit "Download" from the menu. Your final video will go to your computer’s file folder.

hit uploads and upload files, click video and crop, hit share

5VideoProc Converter

Distinctive Feature: It has an advanced algorithm to preserve video quality after rendering.
Pricing Plan: $39.95/lifetime license

VideoProc Converter is an all-in-one tool that offers many video production options. You can edit, convert, and download video or audio files. The software encompasses over 320 video codecs and formats, such as MP4, MOV, HEVC, MKV, and more. So, whatever format your video is, you can quickly crop it in this tool. Furthermore, its video cropper works in a customizable or dragging process. Also, it has handy presets that you can utilize to crop your video to 16:9, 4:3, 1:1, and others. The video crop software for Windows 10 doesn’t have a limit on the video size you want to crop.

User guide:

  • Install the program on your Windows computer and open it. Hit the “Video” from the main interface to launch the video editor window. Following that, click the “+Video” button from the home screen to import the video file.
  • Choose the output format and hit the “Crop” button on the editing bar. Adjust the dragging frame to set it to the area you wish to keep. You can also hit the “Enable Crop” button to select from the premade presets.
  • Next, you can preview the cropped video in real-time from the right-side monitor. After cropping the video, hit the “Done” button and click “Run” to export it. You can watch the video under your Windows computer's “Downloads” folder.

videoproc converter crop feature

FAQs About Cropping Video

1. What elements should I look for in a video cropping tool?
An excellent video crop app for Windows 10 must have more than one option to crop your video. That includes a cropping box over the video frame you can manually remove and input buttons to precisely set the length and width. In addition, you can look for a tool that offers a popular aspect ratio of social media sites, like Instagram Reel, Snapchat, TikTok, and more.
2. Can I crop videos with Windows 10 built-in editor??
Yes, Windows 10 has a Photos App that allows you to edit your videos and images. It is a good option if you rush to crop a video. This tool can help you remove black borders or convert the video to a 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio. However, because of its limited options, you cannot freely crop videos on the ratio you want.
3. Can I crop the video with Windows Media Player?
Windows Media Player doesn't come with any editing features. You can only use it to play a video on Windows 10. However, you can download a plugin to connect essential editing tools. Moreover, they are limited to trimming and cutting videos, making it impossible to crop them. You can use other video editors, like Video Editor Pro, Animotica, FlexClip, Cnva, or VideoProc Converter, to crop your videos in Windows 10.

Glossary: Difference Between Crop, Split, and Trim

Understanding what cropping a video entails and how it differs from trimming or splitting a video is essential before you can learn how to do it. To trim video Windows 10 or split a video, the tool will alter the actual video content. Meanwhile, cropping only modifies the shape of what the audience sees on their screen. The three are reviewed in depth below:

Crop Split Trim
It alters the orientation, aspect ratio, and framing of the video. It turns one video into two or more, mostly happening in the middle of the video. It shortens the video length by cutting down unwanted parts of the video.
For example, if you captured a video in the wrong orientation, the output will have a black border. Cropping it to the correct size will give you more control over its ratio. For example, if you recorded 5 minutes of a video, you can split the video 3 or 4 times to put in reaction shots or insert other video clips in the middle. For example, if your video is more than 1 hour, you can cut out some segments to lessen its length. You can make a 1-hour video to 40 minutes by removing unnecessary parts.

Comparison Chart

Tools Other Features Installation Packaged Size Other Supported OS
Video Editor Pro Screen recorder 61.8MB Mac
Animotica GIF maker 101.2MB Mac, Android, and iOS
FlexClip Video merger None. It is a web-based tool. Mac
Canva Image editor None. It is a web-based tool. Mac, Android, and iOS
VideoProc Converter Video downloader 49.2MB Mac

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