Detailed Review of the Best Tools to Compress A Video to 8MB

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8mb video compressorIt is frustrating to see a notification saying, “Your file is too powerful! The max file size is 8MB.”, especially if you want to upload a share-worthy video. Most users experience this problem in uploading Discord which has an 8MB video file uploading cap for a free account. So, if you want to upload a massive file-size of video, you need to upgrade your Discord to its premium version, which costs $9.99 per month. So, instead of upgrading to the Discord premium version, you can use a video compressor to compress your video to 8MB. With that, we recommend the 8MB Video Compressor to help you. It is an online tool that is accessible anytime and anywhere as long as you need to compress a video immediately! Find out more about it and another 8MB video compressor worth a try!

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Detailed Review of 8MB Video Compressor

System Compatibility: Windows and Mac
Other Supported File Size: 50MB and 100MB

As the name implies, the 8MB Video Compressor can compress your videos to 8MB for easy sharing on Discord and other platforms. It is a straightforward tool with simple steps that even beginners can quickly learn. You can upload a video with up to 2GB of file size and compress it to a Discord-friendly file size. Of course, part of video compression is losing the quality. As we know, the smaller the file size, the lower the video quality you will get. Furthermore, the quality will be protected if the video you compress is manageable. You don’t need to create an account before you can compress video in this tool. So get your video and follow the guide below to compress file to 8MB.

Key Features:

  • It allows you to enter a video URL to get and compress a video from video streaming platforms like YouTube.
  • The tool lets you remove all the sound of the video before compressing it.
  • It allows you to trim the start and end of the video to delete unwanted segments.

Step 1Compress the Video to 8MB

The first thing to do is to launch the main website of the 8MB Video Compressor on your web browser. Then, click the “Upload” button on the middle part of the compressor to add the video. Once done, hit the “8MB” button for the file output file size and the “Option” button to edit the video first. After that, click “Start” to compress the video.

upload video, select 8mb, edit video and click convert

Step 2Check the Compressed Video

After the process, go to your computer's "Downloaded" folder and locate the compressed video. Right-click the file and hit "Properties" from the options to see the "Size" of the video. The original file was 10.0MB and is now converted to less than 8MB.

original file and compressed file comparison

Other Best Video Compressor to 8MB

1Video Master Premium

System Compatibility: Windows and Mac
Other Supported File Size: The tool lets you customize the output file size.

Video Master Premium is a well-established software with features that can help you compress GoPro video and more to your preferred size, including 8MB. In addition, you can edit your videos by adding filters, adjusting volume, cropping area, and more. Also, you can add effects and filters, watermarks, subtitles, and background audio to make it more pleasing to your audiences. The best feature of this tool than 8MB Video Compressor, is it lets you select the video quality for up to 4K. That way, your video is high-quality UHD, even if you compress them. Observe the tutorial below to see how this 8MB compressor works.

Free Downloadwin xp win 7/8/10/11Secure Download
Free Download OS X 10.10Secure Download

Step 1Get the 8MB Video Compressor Alternative

First, install the Video Master Premium by clicking the “download” button above. Hit the suitable button for your computer OS (Windows and Mac). Then, see the instructions on the prompt window to successfully get the software. Once you have it, you can refer to the user interface below to see if you’ve installed the right app.

vmp main interface

Step 2Add Video and Compress

Next, hit the “Converter” tab and click the “Add Files” button on the utmost left corner. Choose the video you want to compress and upload it. After that, move to the right side of the tool and hit the “compress” icon beside the “information” icon. Set the “Compressed Size” to 8MB and click “Save.” Then, hit the “Convert All” button to initiate the process.

add video, click compress, set file size, hit convert all

Step 3Check the Compressed Video

Finally, move your way to the “Converted” section of the tool to see the compressed video. As you can see, the file is now compressed to 8MB. You can preview the video by hitting the “Play” button on the video thumbnail.

click converted, check size, hit play icon

2 AConvert

System Compatibility: Windows, Mac, and Android
Other Supported File Size: You can customize the file size from 8MB to 200MB.

AConvert is also included on our list. This tool offers a thorough approach to converting and compressing your video's file size in lossless compression. Since it is an online tool, there's no need to register and install other compressor apps. Apart from video size, the tool also lets you customize the video bitrate, aspect ratio, frame rate, audio bitrate, and more. Additionally, it has batch compression capabilities for converting many files that the 8MB Video Compressor cannot offer. Then, you can select a video from cloud-based storage. It works with Google Drive, DropBox, and other services. All of your videos can be exported to 720P and 1080P HD resolution.

aconvert interface

2 Video Compressor

System Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS
Other Supported File Size: It lets you set the file size according to your liking.

Another tool that we suggest using is the Video Compressor. A recommended online tool is best for beginners with its clean interface and minimalist buttons. You can quickly upload our drag your video into the tool and set the video file size. The tool will display its recommended compressed size that you can tweak to smaller, normal, or high-quality compression. Additionally, you can choose from its supported resolution, such as 1080P, 1024, 720P, 640P, and more. This is a much more useful feature compared to the 8MB Video Compressor. Also, this 8MB file compressor lets you modify the video CRF, bitrate, and frame rate. video compressor interface

3 Compress Video Online

System Compatibility: Windows and Mac
Other Supported File Size: It can compress the video for up to 90% of the original file size.

Compress Video Online is a free video compressor to 8MB. The tool doesn't lose the quality of the video more than the 8MB Video Compressor, which affects the quality of the video. Then, you can hit the "Low compression level" to ensure that the video is compressed in high-quality. Apart from that, you can reduce the video's width from 1920 Pixels to 160 Pixels or don't reduce it at all. The compression process in this tool depends on the file size of the original video. So the more extensive the video you upload, the longer it takes to finish the compression.

compress video online interface

4 FreeConvert Video Compressor

System Compatibility: Windows, Mac, and Android
Other Supported File Size: You can select a target file size for your video in this tool.

FreeConvert Video Compressor is an online tool that efficiently and quickly downscales files to lower them to 8MB. You can drag and drop the video or upload it from your device, Dropbox. Google Drive, or URL. It also employs the H.265 video codec to reduce the video size more than H.264. Then, it also offers various “Compression Mrethod.” That includes target file size, video quality, resolution, and maximum bitrate. Besides that, you can upload up to 1GB of video, which is convenient for more extensive videos. Also, you can make your video compatible with old devices as the tool can compress them to a lesser size.

freeconvert video compressor

5 Clideo Compress Video

System Compatibility: Windows and Mac
Other Supported File Size: It can compress video automatically to the smaller size possible.

A quick and simple way to compress video to 8MB is with Clideo Compress Video, an online video compressor. Clideo Compress Video will perform all tasks without ruining the quality of the compressed video. The original quality is preserved as much as possible. Also, you can directly download your finished videos to cloud storage, like Google Drive and Dropbox. This feature is helpful, especially if you want to share the video quickly, unlike the 8MB Video Compressor, which only lets you download video to your computer. Additionally, it has a simple interface that allows you to access your compressed video with only one click.

clideo compress video

6 Online Converter

System Compatibility: Windows only
Other Supported File Size: It allows you to modify your desired video size.

Online Converter is the last tool on the list to compress a video to 8MB. Don't be misled by its name, as the tool is solely made to help you compress your videos to make them fit on Discord and other platforms. Furthermore, Online Converter lets you view the original file and its suggested output size. Additionally, you can set the video's audio quality from 32kbps, 48kbps, and up to 128kbps or mute the video according to your liking. Then, the tool supports the most popular video formats, like AVI, MOV, MP4, MKV, WMV, and more.

 online converter

FAQs About Compress File to 8MB

1. How long is an 8MB video?

The video length depends on the bitrate. For example, a 25.6 seconds video that has a bitrate of 2.5mbps has a size of 8MB (25.6x2.5=64Mbits=8MB). If the bitrate changes, the duration of the 8MB video will be different. The video frame rate, resolution, codecs, compression ratio, and other elements affect the overall bitrate.

2. Can I compress my video below 8MB with VLC?

Yes, you can compress a video in VLC. Go to its “Media” tab and select “Convert/Save.” Hit the gear icon to set the parameters to compress your video. Since you like your video to be compressed below 8MB, you need to calculate the bitrate you will use, given the length of your original video. Then, the VLC resize video will also happen since the video size will be lessened. If you don’t want to calculate, you can use an online video compressor or the Video Master Premium to customize the output file size.

Comparison Chart

Tools Supported Output Formats Limitations Other Feature
8MB Video Compressor MP4 only It can compromise the video quality when compressed. None
Video Master Premium MP4, AVI, TS, MOV, etc. None was observed. You can convert videos to other audio or video formats.
UniConverter MP4, MPG, WMV, SWF, etc. It only has a 200MB limit for each video. It can mute the video to remove its audio. Video Compressor MP4, MOV, WMV, FLV, etc. The output file has a watermark. It lets you edit the video first before compressing it.
Tools Supported Output Formats Limitations Other Feature
Compress Video Online MP4, WebM, MKV, MOV, etc. It only allows you to upload 500MB of video. None
FreeConvert Video Compressor MP4, FLV, AVI, 3GP, etc. Pop-out ads can be encountered. It lets you compress video files by batch.
Clideo Compress Video MP4 It has a logo on the output file. You can preview the video before saving it.
Online Converter MP4 You can only upload 200MB of video. None

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